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One Nation, Uninformed
Sunday, August 15, 2004
Last night, in what seems to be turning into a weekend tradition, I saw my people Nervous System perform, this time in a part of CT I had never been to before and will likely never return to again, Danbury. For those who don’t know Connecticut, we have two main highways, I-95 and the Merritt Parkway, we also have what I consider to be roads to nowhere, like I-84. I had to take I-84 to get to Danbury. Finding one’s way to I-84 requires stealth navigation of roads that are not just poorly lit, but completely unlit and to make things even better there are hardly any road signs. I got there OK, but finding my way back home was an adventure. You’d think they’d have a sign saying where I-84 is before the on-ramp.

Anyways, road nonsense aside it was a great night. I walked right into a great comment being thrown my way when Storm opened the show by saying how nice it was to see such a great looking crowd and I screamed "you’re welcome!" She immediately referenced my Andy Dick groping, saying "see that guy right there? He loves to have his crotch grabbed, so just go right up to him and grab it!" No girls took the bait, but thankfully this time no guys did either. After Nervous System got off stage Storm decided to get proactive about it and while there wasn't a direct grab she did place a Nervous System sticker right over my fly. LOL! (Storm you fucking rock for that!)

I was talking with one person at the show who had just gotten back from Iraq, he was a marine and we were talking about the press’ coverage of the war (yes, only I can go to a Hip-Hop show and end up talking about something like the press’ coverage of the war in Iraq). I was telling him how, journalistically, I’d love to be there right now and he pointed out that a lot of the troops would love a good journalist to be with them at this point because the things being reported currently are only focusing on the negative aspects of things. He was telling me about how the troops are busy out there building schools and places of worship but nobody’s writing about it. I know that papers like The New York Times have turned to shit in recent years, and I know that they now show an incredible political bias, but to ignore what’s really going on shows a complete lack of respect for their readers. They’d much rather push their agendas as hard as possible than let the people read about everything that’s going on and make an informed decision for themselves. The New York Times isn’t the only offender but they’re the worst at this point simply because of the grand scale on which they’re doing it. Claiming to be the paper of record for the country means they should be abiding by the strictest morals of journalistic integrity, focusing wholly and completely on reporting the facts, not ignoring the facts.

It’s instances like these that make me lean towards Bush in the upcoming election. I don’t agree with everything he’s done while in office, but knowing that the news we’re getting is slanted against him makes me think there are probably a lot of good things he’s doing that we just never hear about. I think the only way to know about these things however would be to be a White House reporter, or someone with a beat that involves high level politics. I don’t think being groped by Andy Dick qualifies me for one of those gigs.
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