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Thursday, August 05, 2004
Side gigs. They're the lifeblood of any freelance writer, or any freelance anything for that matter. Freelancing rarely, if ever, pays the bills so we all have to take on other jobs so channels like Comedy Central will still come in and the lights won't get turned off on us. With this in mind, last week I signed on to work the Pilot Pen Tennis Tournament. When I filled out the application I told the woman there that I would accept basically any position. I figured they'd stick in me in a booth selling beer, or T-shirts or something. Well, I guess I said all the right things on the application because I got a call a few days ago from the woman organizing all the workers for the event letting me know I'll be an attendant to one of the players in the tourney! For one whole week I'll basically be a gopher for one of the top female tennis players in the world. They haven't told me which one I'll be working with, yet, I'll find that out next week. Regardless, I'm pretty excited about this opportunity to get some pay for week's worth of work that could potentially provide me with some awesome stories. I'm sure I've touched on this before, but getting awesome life stories is one of my main goals in life. Here's hoping the Pilot Pen Tennis Tournament provides me with some fodder!

In other news that could end up netting me some great stories, I've been invited to two parties over the next two weeks. Normally I shun the party scene, not because I'm antisocial, but because I don't really drink and I don't dig the club atmosphere, but I decided, for conversation's sake, to say yes to attending these events. I say for conversation's sake because I always like to have something interesting to talk about during the radio show. So this upcoming Monday I'm headin into the city to party with Lil' Jon for the dual launch party for both his energy drink and his sunglasses line. Hey, it's a Lil' Jon party, so I'm assuming it's going to be fun. I'm just hoping some people he's working with show up, like Paris Hilton. Oh and I'll be ecstatic if Dave Chappelle is there! YEAAAH! OK! It'll probably be more press-types like, well, me, but hangin with your peers can be fun, too.

Other than the things just mentioned life has been fairly normal. I'm busy pitching interviews to magazines hoping for a bite and actually turning down some interviews just because I don't have the time. I have the entire month of August and most of September already filled when it comes to updating the Features section of ReactMag.com so unless a really big name comes along I'm probably going to either say no, or just arrange for another writer to do the interview. My main writing related goal right now is to get some of these interviews I'm doing featured in national magazines, which is sorta like a fisherman saying his main goal is to catch one of the largest fish in the world, it sure as hell ain't easy so if it happens it's a cause for celebration.

Final Thought: Every time I hear someone say how great Kanye West is for mixing religion with rap music with "Jesus Walks" all I can think of is how MC Hammer beat him to the punch nearly 15 years ago with "Pray," but nobody seems to want to talk about that because they're all too busy jumping on Kanye's dick.
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