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Friday, August 20, 2004
Today was my first day at the Pilot Pen Tennis Tourney. My official gig there is to chill in the players lounge and make sure everyone is happy and having a good time. This is a choice gig, though for the first few days I have to do some other things as well since they’re short staffed till Sun/Mon. Let me tell you, when Maria Sharapova came by I was floored by her legs. This girl has the most perfect legs I have ever seen (and a cute butt to go with!). You work your way up to her face, though, and you suddenly realize she is 17 and it breaks your heart to know it. There are actually quite a few hotties in this year’s tourney. I have no idea what most of their names are but I know them by uuh.... face, yeah, face, that’s it. LOL!

On Tuesday I had a visit from the cable guy, who hooked me up with a new digital cable box and about 100 more channels, most of which I will never use. OK, I’ll admit this, it is nice having Toon Disney so I can see Darkwing Duck, but HBO Latino? So far out of the 100 or so channels added I think I’m going to use 5-10 on a regular basis and that’s about it.

Wednesday was my day to interview 18 year old Crunk N’ B princess Ciara. She seemed really nice and was putting up with my Maxim-like questions with a smile. I did, however, throw a funny comment in. I had "what turns you off most in a man" as a question, but I flipped it a bit and asked "what turns you off most in a man other than this line of questioning?" My Jive contact started cracking up in the background. It was great.

Speaking of women, I had a very interesting conversation (OK, it was over email, but it was still a conversation) with a homegirl of mine. Earlier in the week another female friend of mine, after getting fed up with hearing my reasons for not dating certain women, asked me what exactly I was looking for in a woman. This is something I hadn’t really thought about in a while. I’m very laid back about things and at this point if there’s any sort of connection I feel it may be worth investigating to see if we connect on any other levels. I have no set look that I’m looking for anymore. With that in mind I asked my homegirl (female #1 in this paragraph. Dang this is hard to do without naming names!) what she was looking for in a man, just to see if I was completely crazy. Well, not only am I not completely crazy, but her entire list was basically a description of yours truly. This brought about something interesting.

I had definitely been thinking about the prospects of dating this girl, we’ve known each other for a few months, but the fact that we kind of have a work connection always made me wary of making a move. I was telling one of my boys about the situation and he basically said that I should find out what’s up now before I end up stuck in the friend zone. So I wrote out a slightly flirtatious reply to my homegirl and she basically said to me what I had been thinking all along, that there’s apprehension about doing anything because of the work relationship. She made me feel pretty good about it, though, even going as far as saying "don’t think I haven’t thought about it" adding that I really did fit the bill for what she was looking for, but since she has some apprehension due to the work connection (I later revealed I do, as well) it’s probably best to not move past the friendship stage. Hey, it’s all good, she’s a great girl to hang out with and unlike a lot of guys I don’t find the word friend to be some sort of ultimate offense, I think of it as a compliment, especially after all the praise she lauded on me.

Oh, one last thing akin to nothing, I launched a message board for In Da Mixx this past Tuesday. It’s called The Reality Box and I’d really appreciate it if everyone could take a look at it and sign up to support the show. The faster we can grow the faster we can be on your commercial airwaves changin the game!
posted by Adam Bernard @ 7:28 PM  
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