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Vehicular Exorcism
Thursday, July 08, 2004
My holiday weekend went from quiet and serene to slightly insane on Monday night. One of my friends was in town seeing his girlfriend, but he ran into a little bit of car trouble, OK, technically A LOT of car trouble. At first his car would start, but when he turned his lights on the engine would stop. Then, once AAA got it so the car could at least make it to my place (my friend was on a date, too, during all of this, BTW) he drove it over, parked it, turned it off, and for some reason the headlights came on. The key was out of the ignition, but the lights were on. We thought the car was possessed and an exorcism was going to be necessary. That night I drove his girl back to her place because she, unlike my friend and I, had work in the morning. Of course, we had work of our own to do. On Tuesday morning we took the car to the Texaco station on the corner of Black Rock and Jennings. This is a blatant plug because of all the great work they did. Now, we got the car there at around 10AM and kept checking on it every few hours. By closing time the steering wheel was in the passenger's seat, the entire stereo was out, and almost everything under the hood had been checked out. Apparently some genius had this car before my friend and decided to both put in and take out a car alarm. The problem with that is the moron then connected up the wires wrong after taking the alarm system out. The constant shorting led to the cars computer burning out. My boy stayed over another night and the car was fixed by Wednesday afternoon. These guys over the Texaco did an amazing job. They went from not knowing the problem at all, to tracing every possible electrical item in the car, to finding the problem and fixing it. I applaud, and highly recommend, them

Since my boy was at my place on Tuesday night he became a part of the radio show. Unfortunately In Da Mixx was preempted till 11:15PM because of another extra inning Bluefish game. Next week, however, there is no game so we'll be on at 10PM and we have Substantial, O*Asiatic and Insani-T coming back into the studio! This time around they're bringing "Make the Face" shirts and you KNOW I'm coppin one.

Last, but certainly not least, it's finally ready. What is "it" you may ask? Well, I was filmed for an episode of TLC's reality dating program Date Patrol back in April and apparently it's all edited and ready to go. I'm a little nervous about passing on messages about it because I haven't gotten a copy of the finished product so God only knows how I'm going to end up looking. The lone guarantees I can make are that it will be both funny and embarrassing.

What: Date Patrol

When: Wednesday, July 28th @ 10PM & 1AM

Where: TLC (The Learning Channel)

So mark your calendars, tune in and let me know what you think!
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