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Now THAT Was Great Television!
Saturday, July 31, 2004
It’s official, my episode of Date Patrol was a HUGE success!!! The crew there put together the definitive Adam episode, doing a tremendous job of choosing the best moments and some of my funniest quips (I can’t believe the gonorrhea joke and the bedroom joke got to stay in. I was ecstatic when I heard them). A lot of my friends saw the episode and agree that it showed off ALL of my sides. It’s funny, one thing a few people have brought up to me that I didn’t notice, and my friends didn’t really pay attention to because they’ve known me for so long, is that the majority of the women I was talking with, hitting on, and going out with were Black or Hispanic. This has always been a preference, I guess it may be a big deal to some people, and my episode of Date Patrol is probably one of the few reality programs that had a lot of interracial dating, but most people who really know me didn’t even notice..... they were too busy laughing at me attempting a Hip-Hop dance class and getting a spray on tan!

I’m hoping that someone, anyone, with even the slightest bit of power in the entertainment industry saw my episode of Date Patrol. One of the biggest surprises of the show was that Fairfield U signed off on letting them air footage of WVOF. This means that there is documented footage of me doing some great on-air work at the radio show. Couple that with all the humor I was adding to every mission the Date Patrol coaches had me doing, and throw in the fact that I was very open about who I am, and I feel I’m somebody who should be on TV or radio in a major market, making enough cash to get by. Yeah, I said "to get by," not "to be rich." I’ve pointed this out before, but being rich is not my main goal in life, being happy is.

The biggest aspect of my life that has changed due to Date Patrol is, simply put, my life. I’m more true to every aspect of who I am rather than just focusing on one or two. I learned so much from my Date Patrol experience that it would take weeks to write it all out. I’ve been happier since doing the show and highly recommend the advice the coaches were giving me when it comes to both dating and living. It was a great experience capped off by a great episode. I hope everyone who watched it enjoyed it.

OK, one last thing about Date Patrol, did anyone else notice the awesome look that the girl in the parka was giving me when I was doling out advice to her about her love life? In the words (or in this case, word) of Inspector Gadget, WOWSERS that was a hot look, and maaaaaan was she ever fine. It’s kinda hard to capitalize on something like that, however, when she’s just finished asking you what she should do about the situation she has with her man of two years. Talk about a mixed signal! That was like seeing a light be both green and red at the same time.... or more precisely, having a green light, but the cop directing traffic saying it’s not your turn to go yet.

In non-Date Patrol news, last night, after a hectic day that included two artist interviews, I chilled with Nervous System in the studio and got to hear some of the tracks that will be on their upcoming album. Great stuff! They’ll be doing a new intro for In Da Mixx in the coming weeks. Our current intro is one we’ve been using for nearly three months now and although it’s hot, it’s getting kind of stale.

Moving to sports, while I was chillin in the studio Mike Tyson was busy getting knocked out by a nobody. You know the 90’s are really over when both Roy Jones Jr. and Iron Mike Tyson get knocked out in successive fights. Anyone else lookin for that Fresh Prince vs. Mike Tyson bout right about now? Do you think the old NES game Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! make sense to anyone below the age of 16? Sigh, I’m gettin old.

Final note for the day: The Mets traded Wiggy for Kris Benson. I really dislike this move. Why trade one of our best hitters for a pitcher with a lifetime record under .500 and a lifetime ERA over 4.00? I just don’t get it.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 2:56 PM  
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