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I'm on TV Tomorrow!!!
Tuesday, July 27, 2004
First off, I got my whip back this morning!!! That’s right, the Suubs is all fixed up and lookin as good as new!

Over the weekend I saw a commercial for my episode of Date Patrol and despite not knowing how the finished product looks I gotta say it got me pretty hyped. I think I'm definitely meant to be in entertainment, now I just need someone at a network or radio station to figure that out! Remember to watch the show tomorrow, WEDNESDAY @ 10PM & 1AM (EST) on TLC!!!

Last week my life was like a bad sitcom, capped off on Friday when I walked to the gym and on my walk back it started raining.... and my umbrella broke. In a three day span I had public transportation fail me (yep, I was one of the lucky ones caught on a train when the line when down at New Rochelle), private transportation fail me (getting blindsided), and even walking didn’t work out all that well. It’s like I told my boy, life’s been handing me a lot of lemons recently and I can’t afford the sugar to make lemonade.

Believe it or not a few good things did manage to work their way into my life over the past week. I got to chill in the studio and get a first listen to LL Cool J's upcoming album (it's HOT!) and on my way home I bumped into my old college suitemate on the subway. This was surreal as out of 80 bazillion people in New York City one can never expect to just bump into somone they've known for nearly a decade. It was great, though, we got to catch up a bit after our eyes shrank down from the look we both had that was sorta like a cartoon character seeing a ghost. Praise the Lord for small instances of joy.

Lastly, since I haven’t written anything really deep in a while, a moment of depth. I’ve been thinking a lot about jobs and careers recently. Maybe I’m getting depressed about my situation, but I’m beginning to realize that it doesn’t matter what kind of job a person works. As long as you’re providing for self, and taking care of whatever family you have to take care of, a job is a job. I think a problem a lot of us run into, and I was of this ilk pre-Date Patrol, is that we define ourselves by what we do for a living when in the grand scheme of things it’s really not that important. I no longer introduce myself to people and instantly tell them what I do, because it’s just that, it’s what I do, it’s not who I am. I am a multifaceted individual and how I make my money is only a minuscule part of my self.
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