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Attempted Rape By A Monster
Friday, July 02, 2004
The other day I was surfing the job search engines (like I do every day) and I finally succumbed to looking into what Monster.com's networking concept was all about. I filled out my profile and then went to check out some of the networking opportunities. Much to my surprise, when I clicked on them I was asked for my credit card number. Yup, a site that's designed for people who need work, who aren't getting a steady paycheck, wants to CHARGE people for the right to POSSIBLY meet somebody who MAY be able to help them with their search for work. This disgusts me.

Monster isn't the only offender of bad job board tactics, however, HotJobs.com has a laundry list of their own problems. By now I'm used to seeing the same job being posted day after day, but it's gotten to the point where I'm close to 100% sure that half these jobs are fake. How do I know this? It's simple, when you send your resume to a company through HotJobs (most companies ask that you mail them directly because of what I'm about to tell you) the site marks the listing so you know that you sent your resume and when it was sent. Well, I was perusing the board the other day and in their top 20 most recent postings (or re-postings as the case may be) was a job listing that I had sent my resume to IN APRIL! Um, hello, I sent MY resume in, if nobody else has you might as well call me in for an interview.

Lunacy has been prevalent in other places this week, as well, let's take my phone company, for instance, SNET. I got a call from them yesterday, another one of those telemarketing calls to get me to sign up for their internet service. Their big pitch was that they could now do high speed through the telephone lines. That's great, really great, isn't it? During the conversation, however, the call was dropped.... ON THEIR END! I'm sorry, I can't hear you through all the irony.

Last, but not least, the Fairfield University paper has dicked In Da Mixx over once again. Just tell me what I gotta do to get the show in the paper and I'm good. I'm tired of giving them great stories and having them ignore them. I know they're just kids, but still, have some journalistic insight into things. Having the only limbless rapper coming to the show is definitely newsworthy! What are they teaching these kids?
posted by Adam Bernard @ 7:10 PM  
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