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Self-Inflicted Insanity
Saturday, June 26, 2004
Apparently I'd make a very good whore because there are a variety of things I can't say no to, the most exhausting being work. I told myself that I wouldn't do any more interviews this month unless a major name came up. OK, Erick Sermon is a legend so I interviewed him, but accepting the Akon interview for Monday may be slightly insane being that once I've spoken with him I'll be set with interviews until the end of JULY! At least this should give me some time to rest up and look for full time work.

On a completely opposite note, there are also apparently things people can't say yes to. Last night I went out with a woman I've seen a couple times, and although we had a great time, and I enjoy talking with her and spending time with her, there are some intimacy issues. I don't think either of us has had what anyone would define as a "good" relationship and that's holding us both back in a lot of ways. This is just one of those things that has to be dealt with on an individual level. I'm absolutely convinced that having a truly healthy relationship is one of the pinnacles of adulthood, like knowing how to handle your credit and home ownership.

Speaking of adult matters, Power vs. Force is turning out to be quite an interesting read. Once through the first three mind-numbing chapters it becomes a book on human consciousness and what certain emotions mean in regards to people's levels of consciousness. I find it interesting that all the books on consciousness, no matter if they mean to or not, end up with slightly Buddhist theories when it comes to heightened consciousness and what it entails. Maybe that happy fat guy was onto something (no, not John Candy!).

In work-out related news, I'm trying my best to get back to Karate as much as possible. I had a great workout on Thursday when I went over all my combinations (1 - 30) and even relearned my highest ranking form. It was all in my head, my memory just needed some jogging. One aspect I'd love to get into more is the stretching. I was born with an interesting problem with my legs dubbed Severe Femoral Torsion, which basically means I can turn my legs 180 degrees (so that my heel and the back of my knee face forward). This problem is one that is supposedly cured by time and has no real known side effect other than tripping over one's feet a lot, but even in adulthood it still hurts to do certain things, like certain leg stretches and attempting to sit Indian style. I know Rob Van Dam "taught" himself to do a split by inventing a lift that eventually loosened up his legs so much so that he can now do all sorts of crazy things and I think I'd like to try something similar.
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