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Rollin Solo In So Many Ways
Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Summer Jam was off the hook! I had a great time, got some cool free stuff, and in a couple days my sunburn will turn into a tan. Who knew East Rutherford, New Jersey was such a tropical place? Rather then regurgitate what I've already written, hit up my Summer Jam 2004 Wrap Up to read my top ten moments, bottom seven missteps and some other hot info regarding the event.

Last night's radio show was insane. I got a call from DJ Cue saying he couldn't make it about 20 minutes before I was going to leave for the studio. This meant I was rollin solo so I quickly went through all my radio edits and made a hot playlist. Thankfully I was also strapped with all my soundbites from Summer Jam and a ton of stuff to talk about. I ended up getting quite a few calls from people saying I was doing a great job. A few people even suggested I do stand up, but I already have two jobs I make next to nothing at, I can't see adding a third at this point in time.

When I logged on this morning to check my email I got some bad news, Britney's knee isn't healing and she's canceled her tour. Maaan, I was really looking forward to seeing her! I also feel bad for Eamon, who would have gotten a huge boost from touring with the princess of pop. I was really thinking this was going to jump off a lot of things for him. I love what the press release says, apparently Brintey "hopes to revisit those cities in the future." It really makes it sound like she's considering vacationing in Hartford.

Speaking of hot women who aren't anywhere near me, the ridiculously gorgeous Vida Guerra is in this month's issue of XXL (the one with Lil' Jon on the cover, YEAH!). Flipping through the reviews section made me realize how little XXL has to do with Hip-Hop. They dissed both Erick Sermon's album and Cormega's album (which is really a mix-tape). Both of these albums have a very good chance of ending up on my year end top ten list and seeing yet another publication that claims to be about Hip-Hop blatantly show a lack of knowledge about the culture infuriates me. In the words of Sticky Fingaz "but wait it gets worse!" Next to the review that disses Erick Sermon, rap legend, who put out an album that is pure Hip-Hop, is a four question interview with a DJ who's only been spinning for three years, but happens to have posed in Playboy. I'm sorry, but every DJ I work with has been spinning for over a decade, and has traveled the world doing it, yet still hasn't received coverage from a major magazine. I guess what they need are some nice tits and some airbrushing, yeah, I guess that would make them real Hip-Hop. There is one positive thing about XXL this month, however, this issue features a DVD that was produced by one of my homegirls over at Interscope! I'm very happy for her and hope she can keep creating great work for everyone to enjoy. Big ups to her (and apologies to her for having her big ups come directly after a rant about how much XXL sucks ass).

Seeing yet another rap magazine not understand what Hip-Hop is about really has me questioning my career path. If this is what passes off as a rap mag nowadays I stand little to no chance of ever getting hired by one, because I love Hip-Hop. I really, truly, honestly love Hip-Hop, but the magazines don't even seem to be able to recognize it anymore. How can I get hired by someone to write about the culture when seemingly every mag doesn't even understand what it's about?
posted by Adam Bernard @ 11:50 AM  
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