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Karma Kicks Ass, Mel Rojas Doesn't
Friday, June 11, 2004
I have a lot of things to cover today, starting with news from my building. Anyone who has known me for a while knows I've had problems with the people living below me since day one. They complain about the noise even when there is none, one time even going so far as calling the cops on me just for arriving home. Well, I received news earlier in the week that the jackass who kept calling the cops on me (who didn't actually live there, his mother lived there and he just visited) was found, collapsed, in his own home. He didn't die, but he was in the hospital for over a week and had power of attorney over his mother taken away from him. The person who ended up with it quickly moved her into a nursing home (which is where she belonged from jump). This, of course, means I no longer have to worry about seeing that douchebag's face every time I got to put on a CD! I consider this morbidly fantastic news. (Akin to nothing, did you know spellcheck thinks douchebag should be two separate words?)

On to a little work news. I know I'm trying to not put work into my blog but the following things are just too big to ignore. Summer Jam is tomorrow and I can't wait to cover it. I never thought I'd get press credentials (I try to stay humble and never expect anything, this way I'm always happy when I get something and never angry when I don't), but since I have them I'm going there and considering everything I get out of it to be a complete blessing. I've already spoken with people who are representing FUSE, who will be there taping the show for a special later in the month, and if I can slip my card to them, or anyone important at Hot97 it will definitely be a blessing. When it comes to the artists I've already interviewed a lot of them, I'm really looking to get some dope drops for the radio show, though, so hopefully I'll be able to wrangle a few artists and get a few. Last, but certainly not least, I'm hoping they have a great gift bag for the press. Hey, it's all about the schwag! I know they won't be giving away shirts in MY size (I think I'm the only person left who wears a small, but it shows off my guns!), but some nice freebies would really be the icing on the cake that will be Summer Jam.

In other concert news it seems Britney Spears has messed up her knee. Man oh man. For the first time ever I have tickets to see her, and GREAT seats at that, and she's hurt. I really hope she can rehab fast and get better in time to start her tour because I'm scheduled to be there when it jumps off in Hartford.

Speaking of things that were scheduled to happen, In Da Mixx wasn't on your radio this past Tuesday and it's all Mel Rojas' fault. Rojas ruined many a game for me back when he played for the Mets and essentially pitched from his knees he blew so many games. Fast forward to this past Tuesday, the Bluefish have a one run lead going into the ninth, they call on Rojas to close the game. It's three fucking outs, in the Atlantic League, not the hardest of tasks to complete. Well, Mel blew it and the game went into extra innings. Rather than ending at 10PM like it should have and us having a full In Da Mixx, the game went 17 innings (side note: big ups to the Bluefish Catcher, Hector Kuilan, for catching all 17 innings!) and turned into the longest game in the history of the franchise. Thanks Mel, all those years later and you've still found a way to mess up my nights.

Lastly, I want to address the recent phenomenon that's hit the NBA, or more precisely, it's players. It seems the league is having a hard time getting players to play on the Olympic squad. These players are so spoiled they have the audacity to turn down an invite to the Olympics. It was just barely over a decade ago when the finest players the league has ever seen had to work their way into the Olympics and break down that door, but today's players don't seem to care about any of that. I have the easiest solution in the world for this, give them one invite and if they turn it down they will never be invited to play in the games again. Obviously if there's an extenuating circumstance, like a death in the family, or oh let's say a high profile rape case, exceptions can be made, but for everyone else, if you say no you never get invited back. Let's see a player try to reason his way out of Olympic play with THAT kind of rule in effect.

Dang, do you think I wrote enough?
posted by Adam Bernard @ 8:10 PM  
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