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The Canada Experience: Party Time?
Tuesday, June 08, 2004
June 4th: It's becoming more and more obvious to me why I live alone. I'm a solitary person. I actually enjoy spending time by myself. There are times when I get lonely, but I really saw myself on this trip and when I was happiest. Sometimes a person, at least in my case, can be their own best company.

Tonight was the rehearsal dinner. I was told it was going to be a barbecue but no grill was ever lit. The party was alright but nobody wanted to go out afterwards. Almost everyone at the reception was married except for me. This was a huge difference from the last wedding I went to. It was at this point when I figured I wouldn't be hooking up on this trip.

June 5th: Holy crap this place is boring. Seriously, all those people who say "if a war breaks out I'll move to Canada to avoid a draft" should really visit first to see if that's the best move. There were times on this day where I wondered what would be worse, being stuck where I was for the rest of my life or being in Afghanistan holding a gun.

Despite the insanity-breeding boredom I managed to make it to the wedding, you know, the actual reason I was there. It was held in a small chapel and was a small gathering of family and friends. My little nieces looked adorable. At the reception I managed to be a bad influence on one couple's kid. He had been following me around at the rehearsal the night before and as soon as he walked into the reception he saw me with a beer in my hand. He turned to his father and immediately blurted out in his little five year old boy voice, "DAD I WANT TO DRINK BEER!" LOL! It was hilarious. At the reception I ended up sitting with some family and my nieces. It was great to see those kids again. After the event I hit up Tim Hortons for a cup of tea and moseyed on back to the hotel. It just so happened the great looking girl I mentioned in the last post was working the night shift. Thank God she was there because she was, by far, the most interesting person I met in all of Canada. For the most part, the average "wild" story I heard from people started with "the picked up truck had gotten stuck when....." Seriously, I thought I was going to out of my mind. (Don't worry Canadians, an aspect of my own home country is going to get ripped tomorrow)
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