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Thursday, May 20, 2004
Very Superior Intelligence?

First and foremost I have to talk about The Beastie Boys. Not only was I lucky enough to get a first listen of their upcoming album, "To The 5 Boroughs," yesterday, but I got to listen to it in the studio they recorded it in. I don't want to give too much about the album away (hey, I'm going to have a review of it appear in an upcoming issue of REMIX, cop that if you want the full 411), but I will say this, if you've ever loved anything the Beasties have done you should pick up "To The 5 Boroughs" when it comes out in mid-June. OK, on to another topic.

I think yesterday must have been national push-up bra day. As soon as I stepped off the train it was like every woman had decided "I want a shelf today." Hey, it was great for the eyes and at least I always had a place to put my drink.

Moving from breasts to brains, about a month ago someone I was working with asked me when was the last time I'd taken an I.Q. test. He didn't ask it in a derogatory way, he seriously wanted to know. I don't really like the concept of a test telling you how smart you are, but the other day I headed over to Emode (which, incidentally, now goes by the uber-gay name Tickle) and decided to take the I.Q. test. The test was short, only 40 questions, and didn't take much time at all. When I was done it told me that I had an I.Q. of 133. Of course, that number will vary depending on mood, time of day, how often a person takes tests such as these, etc. So I had my I.Q. score, 133, but I had no clue what 133 meant. Off I went to search the net to see what that 133 represented. What I found out was the number 133 is fairly impressive if you buy into the testing concept, less than 3% of the nation scores that high. The score is generally representative of minds labeled as "very superior intelligence" and is damn near the level they label as "genius." I have to admit, the first thing I thought was, "hey, if I was REALLY that smart I wouldn't have to look up what the number meant." Like I said, I'll take it for what it's worth, it's a test, who knows how accurate they really are. There are a few things I can take out of this, though, that are very important. First off, I get bored very easily, at least now I have an excuse as to why. Second, maybe there aren't as many stupid people in the world as I think, maybe I'm just THAT friggin smart (LOL). Lastly, due to a site showing the average scores of certain professions, I am now even more wary of cops, who scored BELOW electricians, clerks, salesman and cashiers (hey, so I really was smarter than the cops in high school). And these people get to have guns!?!?!

Next topic, my car. I took my car in to a mechanic yesterday that was highly recommended, Vautrin in Westport, CT. These guys knew what they were doing and fixed up the minor things I needed fixed and let me know about some other potential problems. The leak that the dealership wanted me to have fixed for the hefty sum of $350 is apparently in every Subaru and the leak in mine is smaller than the leak in most. I was told that when I'm ready to have work done on the car that's near the leak I should get it handled but there's no point in doing it as a solo project. Best part of all of this is that my vent is fixed and (for now) my stereo speakers work (knock on wood. I'm not counting on the speakers holding up, they're 12 years old).
posted by Adam Bernard @ 10:22 AM  
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