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Version 2.0 is officially in effect!
Saturday, May 22, 2004
Whoo! It took a while but I've finally made some major changes when it comes to Adam's World. Don't worry, all my old archives are still here, I've just switched up the template, changed my pics, and moved around a sidebar. Also, with Version 2.0 people can comment on each post I make. One change that ya'll won't notice, but is huge for me, is now I have headlines, which means I no longer have to put in HTML to create one myself! Glorious day! When I started this blog I didn't know how well it would work, but now that I know it's something I enjoy doing I figured I should make it look as nice as possible. Hope ya'll like the changes.

Thankfully, life hasn't been all web-work. Last night (technically late-afternoon) I met up with a friend of mine (I try not to name names, but here's a shout out, whaddup Debbie!) to go to a social event for her company. I actually got along with a couple of people, amazing! It was funny, though, you could tell some people were real nervous about being there. I saw one group of people talking, but each person was holding their glass directly in front of them. This is a sure sign of defensiveness. If you put something is in front of you it's impossible to let anyone fully in. It was a good time, though, and big ups to Peter, the guy who's house it was at. He cooked for everyone and was DAMN good at it.

After the event I hung out with my friend for a bit then headed home. I somehow got my Beastie Boys review done on Friday night, as well. I had it in my mind that I'd be doing it today and editing it Sunday, but I guess I'm a day ahead of schedule now. Whoo hoo! GO ME!

The last thing I'd like to address today is a text message convo I had with a girl I went out with a while back. It was during my date with her that we saw the public masturbator. I hadn't heard from the girl since so I knew something was up. I simply texted her to ask if we were still cool. I realized that if she wanted to go out again she would have picked up the phone, but I felt there was a chance we could still be cool with eachother. I got a message back saying we're cool but she was "put off" a bit. Now I have no idea if she was put off by something I did, or the masturbator, so I just apologized to her if I put her off in any way and left it at that. One of my boys said I shouldn't have apologized because it may have been a game, but my point is I knew I was a perfect gentleman on that particular night, so at this point I know whatever put her off was on her and wasn't my fault. What's the harm in a quick apology and leaving it at that? Personally I feel if anyone should have taken offense at anything it would have been me. How are you going to go out on a date, a date that lasts six hours, and then not call the person up to at least say you had a good time, even if it's a lie? The words "Thank You" can work wonders.
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