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Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff
Monday, May 31, 2004
Before I get to talking about American Splendor, which is where today's headline comes from, I have to talk about something that happened late last night / early this morning. It was about 12:45 AM and I was getting ready for bed. I was in a slightly meditative state just sitting on my bed trying to clear my mind before going to sleep when I heard a light tapping sound. I figured the sound had to have been coming from outside so I initially ignored it. The tapping persisted, though, and I realized it was coming from inside the building. Someone was knocking ever so lightly at my door. The last time I heard a knock like this at my door it was the cops. You see, the people who live below me really dislike me and call the cops on me simply for arriving home. The last time they called the cops it was at around the same time of night so in my head I was like "oh crap, what now?" I very nicely asked who was at the door. Much to my surprise I heard a cute female voice reply. It turned out to be the sister of one of my boy's girlfriends. Now, I used to have a thing for this girl, but I don't anymore, that time has passed, so I was really wondering what she was doing at my place at damn near 1 AM. She told me she was in the area and wanted to stop by and say hi (at 1 AM!?!?). She also wanted a hug, which I gave her. Here's my question, it's 1 AM and a cute girl knocks on my door and all I get out of it is a hug, was that the worst booty call ever or what! LOL! In all honesty this situation just further cemented my status as a "nice guy," ugh.

Anyways, onto the movie. As mentioned earlier I rented the Harvey Pekar bio-pic American Splendor. The movie, which I ended up watching twice, turned out to be a great look into what makes the everyman so interesting. It really got me thinking that the everyman and his problems can be a lot more interesting than we ever thought. This was the concept behind Pekar's comic book, also titled American Splendor. I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone thinking of renting it, but the scenes when he first meets Joyce are the funniest. I highly recommend this film for anyone who ever feels like they're going nowhere. There are times when I feel that way and this movie reminded me that reaching a lofty goal isn't necessarily everything there is to life, sometimes getting through a supposedly normal existence is lofty in itself. There are a lot of interesting things that happen in individual people's lives, most of them miss those things, however, as they're always looking for something else. Existence is inherently interesting, and that's what American Splendor is all about. There is one other thing I learned from the movie, if a grouchy man like Harvey Pekar can find somebody to love him there truly is someone for everyone. Props to Pekar for scorin himself a good woman!

I saw some definite similarities between Harvey Pekar and myself. He was working as a file clerk to get by while writing his comic books. I too have contemplated what my life would be like if I could only write on the side (a horrid concept that may become a reality if I don't start getting better paying freelance gigs). Pekar is also an incredibly intelligent man who immerses himself in music and books, these are a few more ways in which we're alike. I also saw a few definite differences, however, as Pekar is a slob and a bit of a social leper. He's not much for conversation with others and his apartment was always a complete mess. Overall, despite his obvious shortcomings, it's his inherent ability to be the everyman that makes him so easy to relate to. I dare anyone to watch this movie and not find at least one way in which they have something in common with him.

I'm off to celebrate this dark, drab Memorial Day now. The holiday is already messin with me as the gym was only open from 8 AM to Noon so I had to wake up early to get my workout in. The place was relatively packed, especially for that hour, but it's all good. I find it funny, though, that I woke up earlier on a holiday than I do on a normal work day. Just shows how far I'll go to make sure I get my gym time in.
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