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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
I Got 99 Blogs but a Bitch Ain't One!

First off, congrats to me as this is my 100th post! Cue the confetti, streamers and noisemakers! Whoo Hoo! Now on to the business of the day.

I really dislike going to any sort of medical "professional" when I'm feeling fine. It is my feeling that if I can't see anything wrong with me, why should I be going in and asking for trouble? If I'm so sick I can barely move, then yeah I'm headin to a doctor. If I chip a tooth, then yeah I'm headin to a dentist. If I'm perfectly fine, however, why bother. Well, because my parents worry too much sometimes, that's why. It's strange how much influence parents can have even when after you've been living on your own for three years. So I went to the dentist today, but I don't plan on going back for a while.

The last time I went was after a two year hiatus and they said I had one cavity and one small thing that shouldn't be a problem but they'd "keep an eye on it." Now please recognize I brush twice a day and have a diet that has virtually no sugar in it, so when my dentist told me I had a full cavity today that would take a half hour to deal with this time around (after a HEAVY dosage of poking, I swear they just create cavities with those metal picks they use) I became skeptical of their ways once again. Why should I spend money to spend more money?

Speaking of spending money, holy crap the price of gas is out of control. I filled up my tank with the medium grade stuff and it came to $24, and my car is a sedan!!! I told my boy at the station they should open up a bank next door so we can start taking out some loans. Shit is ridiculous.

Life isn't all bad, though, and since it's Tuesday, and I haven't written about wrestling in forever, I'm going to spend the next few minutes writing about one of my favorite things to watch on TV (and one of the only things I watch on TV), the WWE! The Raw writing team has been doing a great job of advancing plot lines and creating great characters. I thought from jump that giving Randy Orton the Intercontinental Title was a great idea and it's really vaulted him to being one of their top mid-card guys who can occasionally main event. Giving Benoit the Heavyweight Championship was just plain right. He deserves it. I don't like the angle they did this past Monday, however, having Kane win the battle royal via interference. It takes any momentum away from Kane. Bad Blood looks to be shaping up nicely, though, with Benoit v. Kane, a possible Orton v. Shelton Benjamin match for the IC belt, and HHH v. HBK for the billionth time all as main events. Benjamin, like Orton, has been pushed correctly and could potentially be a huge draw in a couple years. Then we get to Eugene. I was really afraid this character was going to be done poorly, but thankfully the WWE is conveying their mentally retarded wrestler in a positive light and Rick Dinsmore is kicking ass in the role. Last night's appearance of The Rock backing Eugene cements Eugene as a top mid-card guy.

Some things I'd like to see on Raw include more of a role for Hurricane and Rosey (and for Hurricane to start using the Vertabreaker again), an Edge v. Christian feud (they used to tag now they can fight), Christian's team of Tyson Tomko, Trish Stratus and himself turning into a version of ECW's impact Players (if they beat the hell out of Edge they could be top heels and Egde would lose nothing. Christian is great in the ring and deserves a push), Orton holding on to the IC belt for a full year plus before dropping it to Benjamin, Jericho getting a story line that puts him somewhere near the top, and Eugene and William Regal becoming a tag team and eventually winning the tag belts. That last one I can really see happening soon, maybe Bischoff could "punish" Regal by making him tag with Eugene. I'm ignoring Smackdown because, let's face it, Smackdown sucks right now and none of their writers know what they're doing. At least their B-show, Velocity, is good.

In other news (dang this is gonna be a long post), I'm almost done reading Private Parts, but the next book I want to read, Power vs. Force by Dr. David Hawkins, has to wait to be ordered (basically because I needed to gas up my car!). Since Fairfield's main library is under construction I basically have to go through my own bookshelves to find stuff to real for a few weeks. With that in mind I think I'm going to reread some of my philosophy books to get my brain open again. Once that starts these posts will really livin up because I LOVE writing about philosophy.
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