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Home Depot wants to keep me in the dark
Friday, May 28, 2004
Last night I kicked back and watched Frontline on PBS because it was all about the music industry. The title of the episode was The Way The Music Died and it did a pretty good job of explaining how the industry has gotten itself into the situation it's currently in. I wish they could've gone more in depth, but they only had an hour so I'll give 'em props for what they produced. Before Frontline I watched a show that came at high recommendation, Joan of Arcadia. Yeah, I know, it's been on for a while, but I'd never seen it until last night (I don't watch a lot of TV). It was OK, a little too saccharine sweet for my tastes. I appreciate the theme of it but prefer a little more action in my shows, which is why I miss Buffy so much. That being said I'll still probably give Joan of Arcadia another chance in the near future.

In the category of repeating past mistakes, I went to Home Depot today thinking they'd actually have what I needed. Today I brought with me a list that consisted of one thing, a special type of light bulb (is that technically even a list at that point?), and once again Home Depot didn't have what I needed. I'm convinced they simply have isles and isles of nothing. Big ups to Fairfield Electric Supply for coming through yet again.

After Home Depot I hit a few other places, it was a very "must run errands" kind of day. For the first time in I don't know how long I picked up a movie for the weekend, American Splendor. I decided to go for a potentially great movie rather than one of the crappy ones I was thinking about simply laughing at for all the wrong reasons. Hey, I OWN Anaconda so I consider myself a connoisseur of crap (FYI, spellcheck is no friggin help with the word connoisseur), but this weekend I'm all about seeing something good. According to the blurb on Yahoo! Movies the American Splendor is "the true story of a file clerk working at a Cleveland Veterans hospital, who on the side, struggles to achieve success as a writer with comic books about his experiences." I remember seeing Paul Giamatti hype it on The Daily Show so when I saw it for rent I immediately picked it up.

While leaving Blockbuster I looked down and saw a stack of newspapers, The Fairfield Minuteman. This paper is supposed to be free for all residents of Fairfield but for reasons God only knows I don't get it. I've been living in Fairfield since January of 2001 but the paper still hasn't found its way to me. I keep calling them and emailing them. I even mailed in a card they had in one issue that said "if you'd like to receive this paper send this in." Still nothin. Helluva staff ya got there.

Last, but certainly not least, while I was on line at Blockbuster a bangin dark haired girl came in looking for something and she was diggin me. I flashed her a smile and she not only flashed one back, but when I turned around to look at her again as she was waking through the store she was still lookin at me smiling. :o) What a great way to start the weekend!
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