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Tuesday, March 02, 2004
Ya gotta read the labels

A rare Tuesday entry as a few things happened yesterday that are worth talking about. While calling up newspapers to promote this month's guest list for In Da Mixx I ended up getting some good responses.... regarding me. One local paper is considering doing a profile of me and what I've done in the industry, and another paper wanted to see my resume and some of my clips! I know I'm always "one for all" when I try to do things, but damnit, I'm REALLY happy that some folks are taking a look at what I've been doing and saying "wow!" At the very least it perked up my attitude towards the job situation.

Speaking of the job situation, I've started looking at places outside of the Tri-State for work. It sounds really strange, but there just doesn't seem to be a lot of opportunity in CT and NY right now, so if I have to move, then so be it. I'd obviously prefer to stay here, but staying here means staying in a constant struggle to hustle my articles and get my name out there. Meanwhile, according to a friend of mine overseas, if I was in the U.K. I'd already be a "minor celebrity" for what I've done. I'm not lusting after celebrity status (OK, maybe I am just a little), but I know having that status would at least get me a decent paying gig.

Yesterday I also hit the gym, as I do every Mon/Wed/Fri. This time around I saw a girl I've spoken with a few times. She's extremely attractive, and we have a few things in common. I told her about the radio show and we got into a conversation. It was during the conversation that I realized Date Patrol is the greatest show on earth. Wednesday nights, 10PM on TLC, this show breaks down what people do when it comes to body language, communication, and style, and how it relates to dating and attraction. It was because of this show that I could catch some of the little things this girl was doing that showed she may be attracted to me. With that in mind I not only gave her the info to the live line for the radio show, but also slipped her my number, as well, asking her to give me a call on Wednesday to let me know what she thought of In Da Mixx.

Tonight is a HUGE night for In Da Mixx, Ice Water and Melade Sol will be in the studio and multiple artists from CT will be chillin in the lounge area to politick with the groups afterwards. Be sure to tune in TONIGHT from 10PM - 12AM at WVOF.org to be a part of all the excitement!
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