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Sunday, March 07, 2004
Finding catharsis in the strangest of places

This weekend was one I set aside for me. I wanted to take a rest, get my mind relaxed, and in general just get myself into a better state of mind. This was not a weekend for partying, or going out. This was a weekend for staying in and trying to clear my brain. Thankfully, I had quite a bit of help thanks to the wondrous creation that is MTV2 (yeah, I'm givin ya props, now give me my second interview). MTV2 plays, at seemingly random times, reruns of Beavis and Butthead. I must have watched over two and a half hours of B & B this weekend, and it really relaxed me. I chilled, I laughed, I enjoyed myself. NOTHING is better for the soul, or at least my soul, than Beavis and Butthead. There is just something about those old episodes that's cathartic for me. I love 'em.

So while my Friday night was filled with B & B, my Saturday night was shaping up to be filled with basketball. I was ready to sit down in front of my TV and watch mid-major college b-ball all night long. That is, until my phone rang. Apparently my home number is the number my parents' home security system company calls after they calls the cops, and I got a call at around 8PM telling me to go meet the cops at my parents house. I rushed out the krib thinkin I was gonna have a fight on my hands if there really was someone tryin to rob the place. Instead, I showed up and nobody was there. I waited about 15 minutes for the cops to arrive then finally called them and asked where they were. Apparently they had already been there, checked the place out, and left. On that news I left a phone message for my parents and went back home. The rest of the night was spent watching b-ball till 1AM then Beavis and Butthead till I made my way into my bed. Earlier in the day I had hit the mall, but with the exception of a quick convo with the guy at GNC (my main reason for hitting the mall was the get another six pound jug of protein), I pretty much ignored all human life.

Today was a pretty decent day, as well, no major complaints. Again, I thought as little about work as possible. In fact, this week I'm only working on two articles. I'm taking it easy for a bit because my stress level has been unreasonably high. A friend of mine in California recommended that I stay in the NY area a little bit longer, so I will, despite a recent article I just read about a guy who was out of work for nearly THREE YEARS in NYC. The guy in the article had the same problems I do. It even said he sent out 400 resumes and only got two interviews, which is freaky, cuz the numbers are kinda the same for me (if you're counting, my two big interviews were with Entertainment Weekly and MTVNews.com). The guy in question, also like me, was afraid to take a lesser job because he felt it would take away from his prime focus in life. It was like I was reading about myself. The only hope gained from reading the article is that I'm feeling more like I will survive this and there IS something good waiting for me.

As I said earlier, I'm taking it easy this week. I'm not going to stress things. There's no sense stressing a situation I can't change. Side note; The Sopranos rocked tonight. I saw a little of myself in Tony's actions. Gotta love great writing!
posted by Adam Bernard @ 10:37 PM  
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