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Saturday, February 21, 2004
A Long, Crazy, Eventful Weekend.

I am WIPED right now. Where to start? I guess Friday morning would be a good place to start. I had to wake up a little earlier than usual because I had not one, but two phone interviews, scheduled for 10:20AM and 10:50AM respectively. I had to be up, alert and armed with questions for both Goapele and Sleepy Brown, which I was. Both interviews went very well, and, as usual, I got drops for the radio show from both of them. As soon as the interviews were over with, however, I had to get changed and catch a train into the city. I printed out the morning's work so I could outline my stories on the train ride in and threw on my new favorite outfit. I've grown to love rockin' dark blue jeans, Tims (or, in my case, Lugz), a white/grey shirt (tucked in), and a blue blazer to top it all off. I feel it gives me a look that shows I care a little bit more about what I'm doing, plus I look damn good in it (nope, no ego problem here doctor, just move on to the next patient).

Once in the city I made the slightly long walk to one of my contact's offices. I have been dealing with this woman for two years or so, yet because of the phone and email we had never actually met. I LOVE meeting my contacts (coincidence that I made sure the interview I had just done on one of her artists went up the night before... I think not). I think it's extremely important to meet with my contacts in person and develop that kind of a relationship with them. When a person is just an email address, or a voice on the phone, they can be easily forgotten. Once you've met with a person face to face, though, there will instantly be a bigger bond. My contact was mad cool (as most of my contacts are), and my theory on women in the music industry still holds true, they're all attractive. I know what you may be thinking, "this dude thinks they're ALL attractive, he must have ridiculously low standards." Nope, sorry, my standards are quite high, but music industry women are great. Side note: I would love to eventually see myself dating an industry woman, but at the same time I don't want to mix business with pleasure. If anyone can figure a way out of this predicament (with the exception of just saying "change your beliefs"), their thoughts would be appreciated.

After seeing my contact I headed to my homegirl's office and met up with a few people I used to work with. It was pretty funny to see one guy, who, when he heard what I'm doing now, almost teared up. They weren't really tears of joy, they were more like "my God, that sounds so cool, how come I'm not doing it" tears. Gotta love it. I then grabbed a quick bit to eat (New York City, home of the $4 pizza slice) and hit the subway to go to the main reason I was in the city, to see Sarah Jones - Bridge and Tunnel.

Sarah Jones - Bridge and Tunnel is an awesome one woman show based on the poetry readings of her fictional characters, all of which are individuals from different parts of the world. When she was playing the wheelchair bound Mexican I was complete enraptured with her storytelling. It was really beautiful. Highly recommended.

After the show I met up with one of my boys at Grand Central and we took a walk to a bar and grabbed a few beers. I eventually made my way to the 1:30AM train home, the last one of the night. This is not my favorite train, to say the least. The 1:30AM train stops everywhere, even fake towns nobody really lives in. I swear it even stops at random people's houses just to mess with me. It takes FOREVER to get home. My ride on a normal train is an hour and ten minutes, my ride on this bad boy clocked in at an hour forty five, and I didn't get home till damn near 4AM.

Of course, on a night where I don't get to hit the sack till nearly five in the morning, I had to wake up early (RedBull gives me wings, then again Always gives some people wings, so if I pour my RedBull in a panty liner is it like a friggin albatross in a girl's drawrs?). Today I was up and at 'em bright and early in the morning to give a speech at my grandmother's memorial. My grandmother passed away on February third, but we waited to have the memorial. Apparently my time at the podium went pretty well because everyone was coming up to me afterwards asking me if I was a professional stand up comic (the woman who went after me started her speech by saying "how am I supposed to follow that?"). I gotta admit, standing up in front of 250 people was a piece of cake, but I was REAL shaky on the concept of humor being appropriate at such an event. Thankfully it was. :o)

I took away a lot from my grandmother's memorial event. First of all the Unitarian minister was awesome. My grandmother was Jewish but my grandfather didn't want to do the traditional Jewish ceremony. He and the minister combined minds to create a great remembrance event. Each speaker was hand picked and the stories they told each gave a completely different aspect of my grandmother. It was really cool to fully realize that we effect people in many different ways despite being the same person we always are.

So that's been my weekend so far. I passed out on my couch earlier today for a few hours. I needed the sleep. I now have a huge stack of albums to get to listening to (side note, the ODB remix of the JC Chasez song "Some girls dance with women" is OFF THE HOOK).
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