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Thursday, January 22, 2004
West Coast Rap, a new Mets hat, and a 12 foot rat. Just another day in the city.

Yesterday was one of my more eventful days. Whenever I go into New York I try to get as much done as possible and Wednesday was no exception. I had an interview with Knoc-Turn'Al at Elektra at 11:30AM. I was early, as usual, which gave me time to hang out with my contact for a bit and drop off some CD's for her to listen to. Also, since Elektra and Atlantic are now in the same building, I got see my Atlantic contact as well! It's always good when people see me working hard. Before the interview I saw another writer who I happen to run into EVERYWHERE. We joke that we're the two hardest working writers in the biz, but at this point I think the joke's on everyone else because we probably are. My interview with Knoc went unbelievably well. Not only was it a great interview, but we were chillin afterwards and he said he remembered me from out 2002 interview because I'm one of the few people who asks GOOD questions. We ended up exchanging info before leaving. Making new friends kicks ass!

After the interview I walked back to Grand Central, which now has a huge 12 foot inflatable rat in front of it courtesy of the striking Oyster Bar employees. On the way there I passed by the Mets' Clubhouse store, which had a HUGE line that stretched almost a full avenue. Apparently our two newest acquisitions, Kaz Matsui and Braden Looper, were inside signing autographs. Mr. Met was shaking the hands of the fans who were waiting in line in the bitter cold. Bet that outfit felt pretty good yesterday.

At Grand Central I met up with a friend, and former coworker, for lunch (the Indian place in Grand Central ROCKS!). Now there are two ways I can tell this story, the accurate way, and the really dirty way. First the dirty way. I met up with my female friend, we had lunch, then she went down and performed a job. ;o) In reality "she went down" means she took a subway, and "performed a job" means she literally went back to her office, but I like the implications of the dirty way of saying it, it's just more fun that way.

Today will be filled with transcribing fun and laundry. Whoo Hoo! I have no plans for this weekend as of now with the exception of watching the "Hip-Hop Immortals: We Got Your Kids" DVD that I got in the mail the other day. I'm sure something potentially fun will come up, though. I'm feelin good.
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