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Thursday, January 01, 2004
Happy New Year!

Last night I went to a very odd party, it was a cross between a house party and a rave. The event was held in a LARGE factory that, from what we could tell, existed solely to create little girls' clothing and Christmas decorations. I kid you not, the name of the company was Dirdy Hose. When you walked in there was a small room that had all the drinks, food, etc. To your left was an entranceway to a much larger room where my friend DJ Chance was spinning. Once in that room, if you made another left there were two smaller rooms (still large, though), and a staircase heading up. Up the stairs was where all the storage was (and the bathrooms), along with a TON of little nooks and crannies to chill in away from everyone. Everyone, however, didn't amount to many. Even if there had been 400 people there it would have seemed empty due to the vastness of the place. There were nowhere near 400 people, however, there were more like 50. Me being the person I am I made the best of everything. I had brought two friends with me so I introduced them around. Chance had a few of his people with him and they remembered me, so it was a good mixture of my Hofstra people and my CT people just chillin. Both my friends weren't happy with the fact that they weren't "being entertained." Sorry guys, but fun is what you make it, and I know this is the land of television and instant gratification, but the guy who has the most fun is always the guy who's on the dance floor even if nobody else is. One of my friends bounced at 2AM, the other stayed as long as I did.

We had been talking off and on with a group of girls all night, unfortunately they were really really high and sometimes just wandered off for no reason. I thought it was kinda funny, one of my friends got kinda annoyed. I was talking with one the girls who was slightly high, but cool, and we ended up chilling with her. Actually, we ended up chillin for so long one of Chance's people came upstairs to find me to make sure we knew when the place was closing. That felt good, knowing that others there had my back. At the end of the night, however, before anything could really happen with the girl, her friends, suddenly sobered up, swooped in and took her away. Oh well, I had fun, and that's what matters! For me it was a new experience and a pretty decent start to a new year.
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