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Saturday, December 20, 2003
The holiday slowdown started this week. Less and less is happening work-wise. I was invited to two events on Wednesday, but REALLY didn't feel up to going. The downpour of rain coupled with my exhaustion from constantly working led to that decision.

In order to combat the aforementioned exhaustion I've started a nightly ritual. After Tough Crowd (the single greatest show ever, and one of the lone reasons I still have cable) I sit down and read for about an hour and I follow that by drinking a cup of hot herbal tea (sans the caffeine, thank you very much). It really relaxes me. Everything is off and I try to keep my mind a blank. Too often I've been going to bed thinking about something I need to do for work, something I want to do for work, why my resume isn't being noticed, why I'm still single, etc. All of those thoughts are things that still get pondered, but now at different times. There's no sense in having all those things cluttering up my mind while trying to fall asleep because there's no way any of my problems are going to be solved between the hours of 2AM and 9AM.

I started a new book this week, "Guilty Pleasures," the first in the Vampire Hunter series. I'm damn near 100 pages in and I'm still not sure if I like it. It's OK, but I want more info on the vampires and what they do. Hopefully there will be more Vampirism in the latter half of the book.

This weekend I'm going to write my last article of the year, my interview with Da Almighty DJ E.L. Well, it's my last unless something really big comes up. I NEVER pass up the opportunity to interview one of the big boys (or girls), so if a multiplatinum artist calls, I'll be interviewing them. It's late December, though, which is normally the quietest time of the year on that front, so it's more than likely that I'll be enjoying a couple weeks of relaxing.
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