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Sunday, November 09, 2003
Once again I'm at week's end searching for relevant things to talk about. I guess first off would be the Jessica Lynch book, but I really don't want to go there. A girl gets caught by the enemy, gets saved, and then gets to write a book about it. Personally I'd much rather read about what went into getting her free than what she went through as a POW. We all know how horrible the Iraqi's treated their own people, so we can assume what they did to ours was pretty awful. The concept that the army strategized a way to free her is what amazes me.

Tonight there's both a TV movie about Lynch and Amy Smart, the girl who was kidnapped in Salt Lake City. That's right folks, it's twice the exploitation!!! Whatever happened to the good ol' days of TV movies that revolved around Amy Fisher?

I watched part of the "Rock the Vote" Democratic roundtable when it was on. What a bunch of nonsense. All it told me was Joe Leiberman pre-plans everything he says as he didn't really answer a single question I saw lobbed his way. And since when did it become a necessity to know if a candidate has ever smoked weed? Can't someone just ask them what their stance is on legalizing it? I think the best way to have an election would be to list the candidates names, and underneath them list how they feel on the top 15 political subjects. Of course, that would mean they'd have to form opinions and put them down on paper so I doubt it will ever happen, but isn't it a great concept?
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