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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
Before I get started on today I just want to mention that I have a new food trick that makes lunch kick ass. Recently I've been putting my sandwiches in the toaster for a couple minutes and lemme tell ya, they freakin rock! Onto the business of the day.

Television sucks. I started realizing about a month ago that I'm watching less and less of it, and more and more of what I'm watching are shows in syndication. The sitcoms of today are terrible. The only good ones are Friends and My Wife and Kids (there is a possible third show to add to that list as I have VERY high hopes for Norm's new show, but that's cuz he's Norm and he rules). Why is it that shows like The Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Home Improvement, The Steve Harvey Show, and old Drew Carey Show reruns are head and shoulders above most everything out today? Those older shows were hilarious, while at the same time having some morals. The shows currently on TV aren't funny and have little to no morals. The characters in the older shows were more well rounded. Uncle Phil and Tim Taylor took their share of good natured ribbing, but when it came right down to it they were the men of their respective houses and garnered respect from their kids. With the exception of Damon Wayans character on My Wife and Kids there isn't a single strong male lead on a sitcom anymore. This is pathetic. I swear, if it wasn't for Queer Eye, Tough Crowd and The Daily Show I wouldn't have any use for non-sports programming.

OK, that was my rant for the day. It may make no sense but it was just something I felt like talking about. Peace.
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