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Monday, September 15, 2003
What a crazy week I've had, and will continue to have. Check the interview schedule, Thursday 9/11 True Da Hustla, Friday 9/12 Kwote Scriptures AND I covered the comedy event at the Ramada Inn in Stratford (which was OFF THE HOOK!), Saturday 9/13 Lennox Lewis (yep, the heavyweight champion of the world, and lemme tell you, dude is mad cool), Monday 9/15 M-Paysal, Wednesday 9/17 Ying Yang Twins, Thursday 9/18 Obie Trice (try number three for Obie). On Friday I MAY get an interview with Das Efx, but right now that's a very big maybe, and on Saturday I'll be on CNF Music again in the early evening and covering a Morningstar Records album release party in Norwalk at night. All apologies for not updating this site regularly but damn yo, you can see I've been busy!

This weekend my boy Matt came through and thank God he did because my brain was about to explode from work. You know it's hectic when you're waking up early on a Saturday to write. Thankfully, I love what I do. I also love chillin, though, and Matt, Raj, and I hit up the Sci-Fi Cafe on Saturday night. The DJ remembered me, which is always cool. I'll be doing some work with him in the near future so big shout outs to him. The highlight of the night, however, was getting the phone number of the finest woman in the club. Oh yes, I felt like a Popcorn Playa!

Another big shout out goes to DJ Kool Keith. He hooked me up with the people running the monthly comedy events in Stratford AND hooked me up with the people at CTBeats. It looks like I may be doing a lot of work with the CTBeats cats as they were mad cool and expressed interest in my work.

OK, that's enough of an update for now. I want to try to sleep for a little bit this week and tonight may be it. Holla at me! Peace.
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