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Sunday, August 24, 2003
My oh my what a couple of days. Yesterday Matt and I just chilled and hit a couple fun spots. We caught the first half of the Giants-Jets game at Archie Moore's and that was fun for me as my G-Men, or as I will refer to them this year... G-g-g-g Unit, kicked ass when their first string was on the field. Unfortunately they kicked a little too much ass as they injured Chad Pennington. This really upset me because I had just drafted him for my fantasy team a few days earlier. I tell all Jets fans that the injury to Pennington now ends the beef we had in regards the Sehorn injury from a few years ago when they injured him on a kickoff return.

Well, that night was quiet, or so we thought. I ended up getting quite the note on my door tonight from the jerk who visits his mom in the building. His mom is deaf, and lives directly under my krib. Apparently Matt's and my existence was enough to infuriate him as the note was quite threatening, saying that he was going to call the police to "shut me up." Being that I'm a lawyer's son I know a little bit about the law. I called the cops first. An officer came over, read the note, and took down my side of the story. He then told me that if any more harassment issues come up to call the police back and they'll handle it. He even went as far as to go downstairs to speak with the lady. I KNOW this will anger her jerky son, who will no doubt confront me this week, and if he does, he can expect to meet the cops himself cuz I'm sick of this shit. He complains about everything and he doesn't even live here. I was nice enough to raise my speakers, so for him to complain about more things is ridiculous. It's time to realize I respected the so-called noise problem (my next door neighbor says she's never felt my noise level was high, and she's in her senior years), so they need to respect the fact that they don't live in a private home and need to take into account that not everyone lives their lives the same way. Assholes piss me off.

On a happier note, today we celebrated my grandmother's 91st birthday. It was nice to see her so happy surrounded by family. Everyone at the old folks home she's at (which is more like a resort) love her and know her by name, and in my opinion THAT is awesome.
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