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Thursday, August 14, 2003
Massive blackouts blanketed parts of America and Canada. I was effected for a few hours. Whenever the power goes out I loathe the fact that I live on the second floor. Heat most definitely rises. The blackout taught me other things, though, valuable things. For example, in a blackout every store you need closes. Grocery stores, drugs stores, etc. BUT the pizza place and the deli remain open. Praise the Lord! Yeah, cuz that slice of Sicilian makes up for having no electricity.

In other news the California recall election is in full swing and holy crap is it ever hilarious. I've never seen such lunacy in my life. Deeming the current alphabet unfair to the A's and B's of the world a lottery was held to reorder the alphabet. R is the new A, and it gets better. The new alphabet will snake depending on which district a person is in, meaning everyone will get a fair chance at being first on the list. We all know how important it is to have your name listed first, just ask 87 time NBA All Star Alaa Abdelnaby.
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