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Saturday, August 23, 2003
Just woke up after a fun night out. Last night my boy Matt came through from Queens, and we met up with our friend Raj in New Haven at Club Sci-Fi, which is fast becoming one of my favorite little spots in the state. We ended up meeting a whole new group of people, all of whom were very cool. They were social workers and the one I was speaking with the most was extremely intelligent. I got some contact info, so hopefully we'll all get to chill again sometime soon because it's always nice to hang out with people that you want to talk WITH rather than talk TO.

Yesterday I was also supposed to have an interview with Obie Trice, but since he never picked up his phone we had to reschedule for Monday. He may be " real name, no gimmicks," but I think his celly was "real crappy, no range."

Today my boy Matt is still here so we're gonna watch the Giants-Jets game and act like it's actually important. Today also marks a special occasion, my parents' anniversary! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you two!
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