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Thursday, August 07, 2003
Don't know if anyone else caught this little tidbit in the news the other day, but there is now an all-gay high school in New York. America's still searching for Osama, but someone's found the time to open up a gay school? A friend of mine pointed out that this isn't fair to us straight people because we didn't get to get to go a school based on who we wanted to sleep with. I added that everyone should know what it feels like to be ostracized at some point, and to put all the gay kids in one place, a "safe-haven" if you will, is bad for the kids. The world is an unkind place and a school like this babies these kids just a little too long. There are no all-gay companies they can then grow up and work for. At some point in time they're going to have to deal with the real world, and a concept like this school will only delay it.

Truthfully, in America we used to have separate schools for people based on who they were. In fact, there were these laws called Jim Crow that required it. In 2003, a school that separates will only breed more hatred, contempt, and misunderstanding, three things we already have enough of.

If the school works, however, I will be attempting to open the all big-booty Puerto Rican girl school that will let in only big-booty Puerto Rican girls, and one dorky white dude to enjoy the scenery.
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