NYC Scene Report – America Jayne, Tchotchke, & Emily Gabriele

This week’s NYC Scene Report features America Jayne overcoming being a “Scaredy Cat,” Tchotchke not wanting to be hung up on, and Emily Gabriele feeling “Haunted.”

* Longtime column favorite America Jayne will be releasing her long-awaited debut EP, Homecoming, on June 30th, the latest single off of which is the deeply emotional “Scaredy Cat.”

An indie pop rock song that’s equal parts confessional, and bold stare-down of one’s past, “Scaredy Cat” will give folks flashbacks to Jagged Little Pill era Alanis Morissette in all the best possible ways. In fact, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine America Jayne fitting in perfectly with that generation of kick ass pop rock women.

Click play on “Scaredy Cat,” and join me in looking forward America Jayne’s impending Homecoming.

* Indie pop trio Tchotchke have a simple request – “Don’t Hang Up On Me.”

Featuring a wonderfully retro sound, and with a video that looks like old VHS home movies, “Don’t Hang Up On Me” is off the group’s upcoming self-titled debut album, which is due out on July 15th via the group’s own Tchotchke Records.

If you can’t wait that long to hear what the ladies have in store, you’re in luck, as Tchotchke will have a headlining show at Mercury Lounge on June 15th, and will be touring in support of BRONCHO for 23 dates this summer.

I’m pretty sure that once everyone hears Tchotchke, the band won’t have to worry about anyone hanging up on them.

* NYC-based singer-songwriter, Emily Gabriele released her new album, Omega Man, at the end of May, and after one listen to the song “Haunted” I guarantee you’ll want to hear more.

Gabriele has a magnificent voice that’s both crystal clear, and filled with emotion. It’s truly a double wow, as you’re initially hooked by the beauty, and then completely drawn in by her ability to connect her heart to yours.

Heart is at the core of Omega Man, as the album is dedicated to Gabriele’s late father. Her ability to be so personal, combined with her vocals, could lead to a few “I’ve been chopping onions” moments for listeners, but when music can affect us like that, it’s pretty special.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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