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3 Reasons You Should See Don’t Believe In Ghosts Live
Friday, April 29, 2022

This past Friday it was a seasonably nice night in the city when I headed over to one of my favorite haunts, Rockwood Music Hall, to check out NYC-based indie pop rock band Don’t Believe In Ghosts.

I’ve featured Don’t Believe In Ghosts in my NYC Scene Report column a few times, and really enjoy the vibe of their music.

Could they maintain that vibe when they hit the Rockwood stage at 9pm?

The answer was a resounding yes. In fact, they were so good that if they were playing again tonight, I’d probably find my way back into the city to attend the show.

Here are three reasons you should join me in the crowd, and see Don’t Believe In Ghosts live.

1. They’re a damned good time 

When it’s done right, pop rock can be a heck of a lot of fun. Think of The Killers, Neon Trees, 5 Seconds of Summer, etc.

To be able to combine modern rock, with pop sensibilities, creates a unique kind of joy for an audience, and songs with killer choruses that we hum for days.

When it comes to Don’t Believe In Ghosts, everywhere I turned during their set I saw another smiling face. Literally everyone was enjoying themselves.

People in the crowd – a hardened New York City crowd – were even dancing at one point, and even though the show was a week ago, I still can’t get the foursome’s epic single “Put Your Head Back” out of my head!

Guess what? I’m happy about it!

2. They feature a cross-generational sound 

While Don’t Believe In Ghosts are a modern pop rock band, their use of a keyboard for a number of songs will give listeners some flashbacks to the genre’s sound back in the ‘80s.

This is why the other night I saw everyone from people in their 20s, to folks in their 40s in the crowd. That’s two decades worth of people, spanning multiple generations.

OK, I see someone in their 40s every time I look in the mirror, but believe me, I wasn’t the only person in my 40s there, and those of us in our 40s were loving the music just as much as the folks in their 20s … our dance moves being the only visible difference.

3. They’re a band you can believe in 

Don’t Believe In Ghosts have everything they need to go from the stages of NYC’s indie scene, to performing in front of crowds of thousands.

I could easily imagine hearing their music everywhere from Top 40 radio, to video games, to commercials (and Lord knows we could use some new blood in the latter, as Imagine Dragons wore out their welcome there a while ago).

Where I can most imagine hearing their music, however, is coming out of cars with the windows rolled down, and the people inside joyously singing along as they drive to the beach on a hot summer day.

Heck, that might describe one of my jaunts later this year!


To find out when, and where, Don’t Believe In Ghosts will be performing next, check out their website for show dates.


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