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Vid Pick: DEDO – WiFi
Friday, August 03, 2018

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re connected via WiFi. “WiFi” also happens to be the perfect way to connect with Argentinian producer and multi-instrumentalist DEDO.

“WiFi” is the first single, and video, from DEDO, which is the project of Joaquín Bartolomé Otero Sojo, a native of Buenos Aires whose background includes everything from classical training, to being heavily involved in the city’s jazz, and rock, scenes. After he began experimenting with electronic music he created DEDO, which is a collaborative project that brings local musicians together on stage in an improvisational format, with an electronic music backbone. Think of it as the ultimate electro-free jazz jam session.

The recorded music of DEDO, which can be heard on his new EP, Chaman/WiFi, merges local indigenous sounds with digital processes to create something that will appeal to fans of ambient and electronic music, as well as aficionados of trip-hop.

Wanting to know more about DEDO, I caught up with Otero Sojo to ask him all about the project, how the live shows differ from the recorded music, and the wild video for “WiFi.”

When creating the video for “WiFi” what kind of emotions were you looking to represent and/or evoke?

The Idea was to reveal how much information the average human consumes in this generation, and how idealistic this information is. This shapes us into wanting to be like (what we see), and feeling insecure about ourselves.

Are the scenes from the video the images you had in your head when creating the music, or were they ideas sparked by the music?

They were sparkled by the music.

The whole script was developed by filmmaker Fran De La Fuente after various meetings. I feel he really fulfilled my expectations, and more.

“WiFi” is off of your Chaman/WiFi EP. From what I understand this project began as live sessions all around Buenos Aires. How did you re-craft those live sessions for a studio EP that still carries the vibe of the original performances … or did you have a different goal for the EP altogether?

The EP has a very distant approach to the live sets in Buenos Aires.

I grabbed many hours of musical information I had from the sets, and got inspired by them on many levels. Nonetheless, the idea was to compose music that would transmit what DEDO is, but for a domestic listening experience.

For those of us unfamiliar with the Buenos Aries music scene – myself included – what musical elements in the Chaman/WiFi EP do you consider distinctly Argentinian?

The tracks contain many Argentinean aspects. For example, in the track “Chaman” the percussive instrument is a Bombo Leguero, which is an autochthonous Andean instrument. Also, the Bombo plays the rhythmical pattern of Zamba, which is an Argentinian form of music. 

What were some of the most memorable sessions, either performing this music live, or recording it on your own?

Live sets are memorable for the beautiful chemistry between the music, the various artists that join DEDO on stage every show, and the audience.

The music points toward dancing rather than anything else.

Studio sessions are more about the depth, and introspective aspects, of the music. It’s more intimate.

I feel our first live show was indeed the most memorable. The innocence, and the lack of expectation, made it magical. Plenty of audience members got on stage, sang, and played with us. It was really amazing.

Do you have a favorite crowd interaction from when you’ve been on stage? Have you had any especially great dancers in the crowd, or people who you could tell were clearly feeling the vibe on another level?

Diverse things have happened in our live shows.

Singers from all around the world improvised with us. Groups of contemporary dancers did their thing around us. Even a sound tech got on stage, asked for a guitar, and joined us.

I guess there is not a better reaction in a live set than finding the audience happy, dancing, and enthusiastic with the music.

Being that “WiFi” has no lyrics, there’s no language barrier for anyone listening to the song. With that in mind, do you find yourself receiving reactions to your work in a variety of languages?

I do find reactions in many languages – mainly Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese. I hope to receive reactions in even more languages!

Finally, if the song was titled “Dial Up” instead of “WiFi” would it have just been a bunch of images buffering, and taking forever to load … and might that actually be a healthier lifestyle for some of us?

Would I say that the technological evolution, and the hyper information, are wrong for humanity? That’s too much for me to affirm. Nonetheless, every revolution has casualties, and it is indeed good for humanity to be aware of those.

It is vital to remember that we humans shape tools, but the tool shapes the user in ways that the user is unaware of.

For more DEDO follow him on Facebook, and Soundcloud.


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