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Vid Pick: Small Talks – Quiet Sounds
Friday, July 27, 2018

Do you ever hear a song, or see a video, and immediately think, “This deserves to be big”? That’s the exact feeling I had first time I heard/saw indie pop band Small Talks’ latest, “Quiet Sounds.”

“Quiet Sounds” is the first new music from the Myrtle Beach-based band since their 2017 EP, Until It Turns to Petals, the release of which was followed by relentless touring.

Wanting to know more, I caught up with Small Talks lead singer-songwriter Cayley Spivey to find out about “Quiet Sounds,” as well as the new addition to the band’s tour van that she absolutely loves, and the time that van ended up surrounded by the cops.

Let’s talk about “Quiet Sounds.” Did any one relationship in your life inspire this song, or was it a combination of relationships you’ve experienced?

“Quiet Sounds” was inspired by many relationships, both romantic and friendly.

I’ve always struggled with being the people pleaser, and wanting to adjust my life to mesh with the people I care about, while balancing my need for total independence.

The song is a sing-along anthem for anyone trying to find a fine line between wanting to live a free life where you can make choices on a whim and the need for stability. 

How did you come up with the concept for the video, and in what ways do you feel it represents the emotion of the song?

I came up with the concept for the video based completely off the idea of a “you and me against the world” relationship. I think the video reflects that because it focuses a lot on special intimate moments that can resonate with anyone. My favorite shot that represents this most is the shot of me and my co-star sitting on the car looking at the scenery. It reflects a quiet intimate moment.

I read that you named the song “Quiet Sounds” because “despite the craving for total independence, at the end of the day, or in the quiet moments, it isn’t freedom on my mind. It’s the people I love.” What are some of the ways you’ve found you can reconcile those two completely different desires – independence, and relationships?

I realized that it’s not so much about bending your life for others, but finding the people who are willing to ride your crazy lifestyle with you.

Being a touring musician, things are constantly changing, and I am always on the go. I found independence, and healthy relationships, through being honest about my life right off the bat, just saying, “Hey, I really like you, I’m glad you’re in my life, but you need to know I am always on the go and will need my freedom to do that.”

Also, taking the time to cater to my relationships despite my busy life. Calling loved ones on the road, making sure when we are together I give my full attention to them, just finding my time for both, and finding people who understand my passions are constantly pulling me all around, is how I’ve found a healthy balance. 

I noticed on your Facebook artist page you list your influences as “Emotions x Experiences.” Since the release of the Until It Turns to Petals EP last year, what have been some of the experiences that have been inspiring you?

We’ve done a massive amount of touring since that release, and it’s affected my lifestyle, and my growth, immensely.

Tour is a big great adventure every single time, and we meet so many interesting people that inspire me to be my best self.

What inspires me most is people – how we act, the way we think, the things that we hold on to for reasons we can't explain, our memories, our subconscious desires and conscious thoughts. It’s all very interesting how vastly different and similar, at the same time, we are.

I am also heavily interested in cause and effect, how one small action can cause a ripple in lives/the world. I’m always asking why.

Tour has made me realize I am both a wallflower and an extrovert, which has influenced my perspective in all my writings greatly. I am always somewhere in the middle.

You’re currently in the middle of a tour. Tours can create some wild times, and interesting situations. With that in mind, what’s the closest you, and your band, have come to getting arrested without actually getting arrested? There’s gotta be at least one funny story here.

On one tour we put Christmas lights in the van to add a homey effect. It was probably 2AM and we were driving to a house in Richmond to stay with friends. We were all so exhausted, and just completely loopy. Perfect time to talk to cops, right?

When we got to the neighborhood we were staying in, our van ended up breaking down DIRECTLY in front of a stranger’s house. We were like sitting ducks. It looked like we had intentionally parked there. For some reason the owner of this house was awake. An older man, he came to the door and just stared us down. I immediately thought he was going to call the cops, and he did.

FOUR cop cars showed up within minutes, old man still staring at us from inside. The cops were actually fairly nice, but made us call our parents to prove we were really a traveling band and not a group of runaways. The cops said, “We got a call about a van with Christmas lights parked outside,” and we broke down laughing. They helped us move our van after we explained it broke down here unintentionally, and then they asked us to try turning it on again and, of course, it started. We thought we were gonna get accused of lying about the van breaking down and arrested right there, but they let us go! 

That’s a great story! Clearly, outside of a stranger’s house is not your ideal place to be, but when you’re on a long drive what do you consider an oasis? Is there a specific type of restaurant, or rest stop, or place with a bed, that makes your eyes wide, and brings butterflies of excitement?

I recently put a bed in the van and it’s SO cozy! If I’m sleeping on the bed it feels like home.

As far as special stops, I love getting gas station boiled peanuts, or strawberry smoothies from McDonald’s. Those are some small things that keep me feeling good on long drives.

Stopping at rest stops to stretch and play soccer always makes me feel super close to my band, and wakes my body up.

What’s one place you’ve never been for a tour, but is absolutely on your tour bucket list?

I wanna go to Australia, France, or the UK. Anywhere out of the U.S. would be so crazy to play. Just to know we made it out of America would blown my mind.

We have a small amount of fans in different countries and it just means a whole lot that we even have that. I would love to make it out there for them, even just to play a small show to a couple people who know us. It’s mind blowing how music travels faster than bands do.

Finally, “Quiet Sounds” is a single, but is there an album, or an EP on the way?

“Quiet Sounds” is a completely separate release from what’s coming. It is the middle piece of a whirlwind of new music. That single represents a goodbye to our old sound and a hint to the new.

I’ve been writing in a completely new direction. It’s taken some time to develop it, but I believe when we release our new sound it will resonate with people in a special way. It’s what I hope for most with our upcoming releases, which to answer your question are on there way, and I could not be more excited. 

For more Small Talks check out smalltalksband.com, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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