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NYC Scene Report – Sunflower Bean, Kiri T, & more
Wednesday, January 24, 2018

This week’s NYC Scene Report features indie rockers Sunflower Bean having a “Crisis Fest,” the latest from electro-soul-pop artist Kiri T, a brand new single from alt pop-rock duo Me Not You, and the debut video from pop-punk rockers The Nectars.

* Indie rock trio Sunflower Bean are planning something pretty cool for their upcoming sophomore album, Twentytwo in Blue – they’re going to release it on March 23rd, when all three members of the band will be 22 years old. The date is also nearly two years and two months since the release of their debut album, Human Ceremony. Talk about feeling 22!

Vocalist/bassist Julia Cumming says of the band’s new music, "We're a rock band, and we would never want to be a ballad-y band, but also I think when you're like 18 and 19, you need to scream, you know? And in life you'll always need to scream. I was a little afraid to show myself as a singer, even to my bandmates, but I did, and we were able to push ourselves. I think if anything, after making this (album) we're the most well-rounded we've ever been."

Cumming continued, adding, "I think one word that always comes to mind when I think about this record is lovable. We want the songs to be something that someone can get attached to, and have be a part of them, because that's what I look for in songs myself, and that's the kind of experience we want to give to others."

Check out the single “Crisis Fest,” and love some Sunflower Bean.

* It’s official – indie electro-soul-pop artist Kiri T has become a column favorite. Every time I receive an email, or see a post on social media, letting me know she’s released new music I click the link immediately, and I’m always rewarded with some excellent tunes. Kiri T’s latest, “Strangers,” is yet another reason why I can’t get enough of her work.

With elements of downtempo, R&B, and pop, “Strangers” sounds like it could be in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 right now.

So don’t be a stranger to Kiri T’s music, click play on “Strangers” and catch her vibe.

* You may recall that a few weeks ago I noted how I accidentally missed out on Me Not You’s debut EP. Well, I won’t let that kind of mistake happen again! The NYC indie alt pop-rock duo just released a new single, “Everafter,” and it’s a winner.

The production is top notch, and Nikki Taylor’s vocals sound so much like that of a ‘90s alt-pop queen that at times you may think she could be Nina Persson’s long lost sister.

Click play on this one, and live happily having listened to “Everafter.” (Come on, I’m allowed one “happily ever after” reference!)

* At the top of the year I mentioned how New Jersey-based pop-punk foursome The Nectars were getting a jump start on 2018 with their debut single, “Heaven.” Now that single has a video, and after watching it I have The Nectars down as a band I have to see live.

Frontwoman Jessica Kenny is a charismatic force of nature in the clip, and it looks like she totally brings it during performances.

According to the band, the video was a true DIY project, as it was filmed by a friend, in a local warehouse.

Click play on “Heaven,” and rock out to The Nectars.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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