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Vid Pick: TEST – Entertainment Tonight
Friday, November 17, 2017

A friend of mine recently sent me the video for LA punk rock trio TEST’s latest single, “Entertainment Tonight.” This set off a chain of emails with my replied subject line, “Those awful looking nachos.”

When you click play on the video you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

I caught up with TEST vocalist Blake Stokes to find out more about the band’s questionable cooking skills, and what else listeners can expect when taking a listen to the trio’s full length debut, Brain In / Brain Out , which was released earlier this month.

First, I must know, what inspired you to make the worst looking nachos in the history of mankind?

It all came to me in a vision.

You cook a little better than that in real life, correct? Do you have a specialty?

Aside from not adding quarters to food I'm cooking, I do not cook better in real life. The meal you see in the video is not dissimilar from food Wayne and I cooked up when we lived in our rehearsal space.

It's not how it looks, it's how it tastes.

In what ways do you feel the video represents the song?

The viewer is free to make any connection they want between the song and the visuals. They – the song, and the video – both share the same city, the same dirt, the same desperation, and the same deluded joy.

“Entertainment Tonight” is off of your full length debut, Brain In / Brain Out. What’s your most interesting story from the writing, or recording, sessions of this album?

Most people would be shocked to know we started sessions at 8am.

At the time we’re conducting this interview, the album isn’t out yet, but of the people you’ve played it for, what have been some of your favorite reactions?

Anyone that thinks it’s better than the last thing we did. That's always the goal. The next thing is better than the last one.

I’ve read the album represents the bridging of two formative periods of your lives. In what ways do you feel people will ultimately relate to this.

I hope people dig the record, period.

I hope people use their imagination, and make it their own.

I'm happy we get to share it. I'm happy it's out.

There is a lot of my life on this record, some from a very distinct, dark part of my life, and some of it from where I am now. People who listen to this record will hear some real honesty, and people who take the time to listen will always respond to real shit.

Finally, is there any chance you named your band after the deceased pro wrestler Test?

No. However we were recently made aware of his existence.

Fore more TEST, check them out on bandcamp.com.


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