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Vid Pick: Crunk Witch – Moonbase Blues
Friday, July 07, 2017

“Moonbase Blues” is the big, synthy, 2104 single from Maine-based electro-pop duo Crunk Witch. Now, I know what some of you may be thinking – Why is Adam featuring a video that’s three years old as his Vid Pick? Well, there are two reasons. First, great music is timeless, having no expiration date. Second, Crunk Witch are currently working on a huge crowdfunding campaign to put everything together to release their next album!

With their crowdfunding campaign in full swing, I caught up with Crunk Witch’s Brandon Miles and Hannah Colleen to find out more about what’s in the works, get the story of their faithful tour van, and learn what they love about their home state of Maine.

You are currently working on a crowdfunding campaign your fourth album. You’ve been working on this album for a couple of years. What can you tell everyone about it? What are listeners in store for with album number four?

People are in store for an album that is upbeat and heavy at the same time. Think Blues Brothers meets Blade Runner.

We spent the past two years working on our production and sound designs, as well as taking our time with lyrics and songwriting. We wanted each song to be able to stand on its own while also working together as a collection. 

I know you tour often, and are total road warriors, but I read your van recently died just before hitting the 200k mile mark. What are your favorite, and least favorite, memories involving the van, and did it have a name?

She was a gem of a van called The Champagne Castle. We drove it through 47 states, and she was incredibly reliable.

She actually had almost 300k miles. We bought her used and only put 190k on while we owned her.

She was our shelter from the storm, our home away from home, and our passageway to paradise.

Our least favorite drive was definitely the time the AC died in the Mojave desert on our way to Las Vegas. It was 110 outside – although our weather app said it only felt like 106.  We drove with windows down, and it felt like we were sitting in front of a furnace. It was brutal.

What’s the second best thing about Maine (the best, obviously, being Crunk Witch)?

We live in a quiet part of the state, near Canada, and enjoy a simple, slow paced, life. It gives us space to focus on bettering ourselves, our craft, and growing closer together. It’s a good balance to life on the road. We love living here.

Other then that, there's a lot of good local beer!

You can support Crunk Witch’s crowdfunding campaign by clicking here.


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