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Vid Pick: brokeMC – Every Damn Day People
Friday, November 25, 2016

One of the many great aspects of being an independent artist is that your work doesn’t have a pre-planned lifespan. Major labels have an album cycle, and once they’re done with promotional efforts, singles, and a tour, the album’s run is considered over. Indie artists, on the other hand, can continue to release singles from an album years after its release.

A perfect example of this is brokeMC, who just released an official video for his song “Every Damn Day People,” a song that was originally on his 2008 album Seeing Things. You want to know how many major label artists would kill to have an album cycle that lasts eight years? Probably all of them.

“Every Damn Day People” is still completely relevant in 2016, as I’m sure we can all agree with the chorus’ sentiment of, “All day, every damn day / too much work, and not enough play.”

It may have taken eight years for this video to be released, but don’t wait eight years to check out brokeMC. Click play, and enjoy.


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