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On The Bus w/ Jamie of Rock of Love
Thursday, March 19, 2009

As the exes of the six remaining girls on Bret Michaels’ Rock of Love Bus dished the dirt on their former flames this past Sunday two girls were eliminated and one of the final four was labeled as a “groupie.” The girl who was given that label was Jamie. Jamie, in addition to being on Rock of Love, is also the part time personal assistant of Broadway actor, and former American Idol contestant, Constantine Maroulis, and she wasn’t exactly thrilled with her new title on the show. Shortly after the episode aired I caught up with Jamie to get her thoughts on how everything went down. She also revealed a little more about the “ex” of hers who showed up and discussed what life is like on the Rock of Love bus.

Adam Bernard: In the episode that debuted on Sunday (March 15th) you ended up being labeled a groupie and you were slightly upset by this.
Jamie: Yeah, I think it was kinda like my turn for, I don’t want to say bad editing, but unflattering editing, I guess. Of course, I’m not stupid, I know they’re gonna edit it how they want. I’m not completely blaming whoever decides what’s shown, but I think if you look at some of my reactions from when I was being interrogated, it was kind of chopped up. Some of my answers were not the answers to the questions that they showed being asked.

Adam Bernard: Was your big issue that you didn’t feel you were a groupie, or did you feel that it was unfair that only you were given that label within the group of girls?
Jamie: I mean, yeah, c’mon, we’re on Rock of Love to date Bret Michaels. Maybe I’m the only one that will admit it. I think groupie kind of has a negative connotation, though. Yeah, I’m obviously a rock chick and I think there’s kind of a weird line between a groupie and a rock chick that gets sort of blurred, and my friend that showed up didn’t exactly help the situation.

Adam Bernard: I was about to ask, who is this Hamboussi character that showed up as your ex?
Jamie: Character is right! Hamboussi is actually Constantine’s old drummer from the band Pray for the Soul of Betty. Obviously I met him through Constantine when he was in that band. I was surprised to see him walk through the door. I guess the ex-boyfriend that was supposed to show up for me backed out like three hours before his flight to Florida, so the producers, or whoever, were in a mad panic to get anyone that’s a dude that knew me. I guess I really shouldn’t complain because poor Beverly didn’t have anyone show up, but I think I might have been better if no one showed up cuz some of the stuff he was saying was not at all true and I’m not trying to talk bad about him because he’s great, but I think some of the stuff he was saying might have been to make himself look kinda cool, make himself feel like a rock star, which he is, but I think a lot of stuff was very out of line and not really accurate. You can tell by my reactions, most of the time I was looking at him like “what the F?!?! What are you saying?”

Adam Bernard: You mentioned the editing, but it really did look as though you implied you wouldn’t date Bret if he wasn’t a musician. Is that true?
Jamie: Absolutely not! That’s really the thing I’m most upset about. The reaction that they showed of me answering was from when they asked me something about my ex-husband and I just got really upset and I was like “oh my God.” I’m not stupid enough to say no, I wouldn’t date Bret Michaels if he wasn’t a rock star, first of all, and I would, I’d still date him. I don’t care if he was a janitor or something.

Adam Bernard: Why did you move to New York? The implication was you moved to New York to be a Pray for the Soul of Betty groupie.
Jamie: Oh my God {laughs} I could have strangled him. First of all the band didn’t even exist when I moved to New York, that’s why I was like what are you talking about. When I moved to New York I had a job with a website company. I moved for that.

Adam Bernard: How accurate has the rest of the portrayal of you, the other girls, and your exploits been? Is there really that much alcohol flowing?
Jamie: Oh yeah, there’s probably more alcohol flowing than what they show. We were definitely drinkers. Everybody except Taya was drinking. Most of the time we were all buzzed and I think some girls just took it a little extreme and you could tell that they were more drunkey than others, but there’s nothing else to do when we’re not doing a challenge or out on a date. We’re locked in a hotel room, or locked in a bus, so might as well.

Adam Bernard: So it’s fairly accurate then.
Jamie: Yeah, the drinking part is definitely accurate. We all had our nights. As far as being portrayed, I have been kind of under the radar, I think. I’m not really like a fighter, I’m not super aggressive and stuff, so maybe they kind of made me look negative as a groupie this episode to make that my thing. I don’t think I really had a thing before this.

Adam Bernard: And you were one of the girls who made their debut in the middle of the show.
Jamie: Yeah, that was so scary. They brought three new girls in when the original cast was down to eight from twenty something and they (the girls who had been there from the start) were not happy. They kind of got over it after a day or two. Honestly, everyone was pretty friendly to me because I wasn’t trying to start fights. I don’t think they thought I was a threat either.

Adam Bernard: Well, now they know that was wrong, you’re in the final four.
Jamie: Yeah, I was like alright, I’m just gonna sit here, be quiet and drink my drink.

Adam Bernard: Are there any moments you really wish hadn’t been caught on tape?
Jamie: There’s a part coming up that I’m probably gonna wish wasn’t shown, but it’s not that bad. I don’t think I’ve done anything that bad, really.

Adam Bernard: So you can still show up at Thanksgiving?
Jamie: I can show up at Thanksgiving.

Adam Bernard: Which girls are you cool with and which would you rather throw yourself in front of a tour bus, or perhaps sleep on a speed bump, than see again?
Jamie: Aww, poor Kelsey. Beverly is like my best friend from all this. We still hang out. I think she’s great and thank God she was there. You know there really wasn’t anybody I really despised. Of course Ashley was a bit much at times, but you know what, she’s smarter than I think they really let on.

Adam Bernard: Let’s close out this interview by giving out some high school yearbook awards to the cast. Start me off with most likely to succeed.
Jamie: God, succeed in what? {laughs} I don’t really want to say Taya, but it’s gotta be her. She is like (Penthouse) Pet of the year, even though it got really annoying hearing about that, but she is at the top of what she does and more power to her.

Adam Bernard: Most likely to be seen at the principal’s office.
Jamie: A tie between Ashley and Farrah.

Adam Bernard: Most likely to be caught making out under the bleachers.
Jamie: All of us. I mean, c’mon! Ten way tie!

Adam Bernard: Most likely to be caught sleeping with a teacher.
Jamie: OH! God, lemme think here. I don’t know. I guess I kind of want to say Ashley.

Adam Bernard: Finally, and most importantly, most likely to hook up with a charming, bespectacled writer?
Jamie: {laughs} Myself. And I could see Mindy dating a reporter.

Adam Bernard: Alright then. How you doin?
Jamie: How you doin?

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posted by Adam Bernard @ 7:35 AM  
  • At 11:41 AM, Blogger qwerty said…

    "When I moved to New York I had a job with a website company. I moved for that."

    Oh be honest Jamie - you had a job working for one of the other guy's in the band's brother. Hello???

  • At 2:57 PM, Blogger Adam Bernard said…

    maaan, I really wish that comment hadn't been posted anonymously. There's so much less weight behind it with no name attached to it.

  • At 4:32 PM, Blogger Paul Gargano said…

    There are more holes in that interview than there are in a pair of fishnets.

    She'd still want to date Bret if he was a janitor. Uhm, okay... Maybe VH1 can give her a show of her own called "Clean Up My Love Life" and she can select a boyfriend from a pool of janitors.

    And just so we're clear. There's a difference between dating musicians and being a groupie. If you're called a groupie, don't try and sugarcoat it - It's not a compliment.

    And that drummer from Constantine's band? NOT a rock star... Not REMOTELY a rock star. He clearly THINKS he's a rock star, but he's no rock star. Bret Michaels is a rock star. That guy is riding coattails.

    This is the most notoriety he's ever gotten (thank you, Jamie), and the only reason he even got that, is because of Constantine being on American Idol.

    I love how reality television has turned the proverbial "15 minutes of fame" into "15 minutes of shame..."

  • At 4:36 PM, Blogger Adam Bernard said…

    Paul, if only you'd tell us how you really feel. It's a shame you hold back so much. (sarcasm!)

  • At 9:03 PM, Blogger Paul Gargano said…

    Okay, you're right, I'll just feel sorry for her for being misrepresented on the show...


    If you want to be taken seriously, don't go on Rock of Love. If you go on Oprah and that happens, lets talk. When you agree to go on a a reality show of this nature, you've forfeited your right to look for sympathy because you think you've been edited poorly.

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