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Charlie Murphy on Pauly, Obama & CB4
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On this past Friday’s episode of The Adam B Experience Charlie Murphy called in to promote his upcoming shows in Hartford, CT (April 18th – 20th at the Hartford Funny Bone). During our conversation we ended up discussing everything from his staged beef with Pauly Shore, to his backing of Barack Obama, to the special edition DVD of CB4 he’d love to make. Below are both the audio of the full ten minute interview and an edited transcript of the highlights.

Adam Bernard: Hey Charlie, how’s it going? Long time no speak.
Charlie Murphy: What’s going on playa? How ya feeling?

Adam Bernard: I’m feeling good, especially since I know you’re coming to Connecticut to perform.
Charlie Murphy: Yes, I will be there to pop it off. I’m glad to be coming in. We’re gonna have some fun.

Adam Bernard: I hear you also have a new film, Junior and Freddy.
Charlie Murphy: Yeah, man. It’s called The Hustle now. It’s starring myself and Al Shearer. He was Ashton Kutcher’s sidekick on Punk’d and he also was on BET playing…

Adam Bernard: Hits From The Street.
Charlie Murphy: Yeah, and Glory Road. He and I we are two recovering kleptomaniacs and we work for this exterminating company and that has us in people’s houses, but it’s kind of hard not to steal when you have things laying out in front of you. We end up stealing some stuff from the wrong people, it was from a Chinese triad and they end up after us. The whole movie is us trying to get this money back that was stole from this Asian gang because we stole their money and before we could give it back to them, because they know we stole it, there was an accident where the money was no longer in our possession, but we still had to give it back. It’s just funny, man. It’s also starring Bai Ling, we got my man big Tiny Lister, John Witherspoon, David Alan Grier, Tamela Jones, Kym Whitley. We got the crew.

Adam Bernard: Since we’re on the topic of movies I gotta ask, are we ever going to get a CB4 special edition DVD with you doing commentary?
Charlie Murphy: That would be hot. That would be really hot. I never even thought about that. That’s a great idea. A special edition with me doing commentary.

Adam Bernard: If I post this on the internet can we start something up and maybe make that happen?
Charlie Murphy: Yeah, let’s make that happen, man! I like that idea.

Adam Bernard: Alright, we’re gonna make that happen. Speaking of the internet, talk to me about the “discussion” you and Pauly Shore got into via viral video.
Charlie Murphy: We got the DVDs dropping, Natural Born Komics, so that’s just dropping a little humor out there to let people that see me and Pauly Shore are friendly together. So we dropped that and if you watch the DVD we got some more funny stuff on there. That’s in stores right now.

Adam Bernard: Did you think that people were going to misconstrue Pauly’s segment? Were you kind of shocked at the reaction?
Charlie Murphy: No, that was exactly what we wanted. That’s why we played it like that. We wanted them to go wow, Charlie Murphy’s gonna whip Pauly Shore’s ass! That’s a good story, right?

Adam Bernard: Hilarious. Another project I want to talk about that I thought was brilliant that got a lot of heat was the Hot Ghetto Mess project last year.
Charlie Murphy: Hey, thank you, man. I appreciate that.

Adam Bernard: I watched that. I’ll admit, the title scared me off for a second, but I tuned in, I watched it and I was like this is actually an important show if people would sit down and watch it.
Charlie Murphy: Yeah man, but we did what we were supposed to do. Initially that was Reggie Hudlin’s idea and he just called me in to be his spokesman. He said I want to do six shows and make a statement, and that’s what we did and I’m glad it was well received. It was like a little mini-series. It was never meant to be a full on TV series. We made our point.

Adam Bernard: Were you upset at all by some of the groups out there that decided to chastise it before even giving it a shot?
Charlie Murphy: Of course, man. You’re gonna be like why didn’t you give me a fair shot, but in the end when they had seen what we put out they had to eat crow.

Adam Bernard: You’re about to go on stage and perform right now. I know you can’t reveal your whole act, but what kind of things do you like to touch on when you hit the stage?
Charlie Murphy: Whatever is buzzing, whatever is topical. You want to say things and talk about things that people think about and have an opinion on, but they don’t talk about. That’s really stimulating to people to do that, and I don’t just do that, I make you feel like that’s what I’m doing and then there’s something absurd about what I just said and it becomes very funny. I just take an absurd spin on a lot of different things that are right in front of you every day.

Adam Bernard: Since you talk about whatever is buzzing I’m sure the presidential election will get mentioned. Do you have a horse you’re pulling for right now?
Charlie Murphy: I’m pulling for Obama, man. I say it in my show. Every show I have a part where I do a piece and I include Obama. It’s very hilarious and it’s my way of saying I endorse him. It’s through a joke.

Adam Bernard: Very cool. And listen, it was very cool of you to take the time to phone in because I know you have to get mentally prepared to get out there and make all these people laugh. And don’t worry, we’re gonna get that special edition CB4 DVD made and we’ll be talking real soon.
Charlie Murphy: That’s what’s up. Be easy. God bless.


posted by Adam Bernard @ 7:38 AM  
  • At 9:40 AM, Blogger JG said…

    Obama: That cat could ball, man.

  • At 5:31 PM, Blogger Claudia Alick said…

    CB4 with commentary? Hell yeah! I'd buy a new addition just for that. Great interview, nice to hear what Charlie's up to.

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