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Getting Some TV Time
Friday, February 15, 2008

As many of you know I am working hard towards a “king of all media” type of title. I’m doing well in print (100+ national magazine feature stories), doing well on the web (award winning blog, RapReviews features) and I’m doing… well I’m doing radio (weekly show when not booted for sports, plus podcast). The one ultra elusive form of media has always been television, which I’ve only done a few times. This is why when my friend Lyndsey Jacobs of 3000 Eyes Entertainment told me about an event in the city this Wednesday where I could land some TV time I was in.

Lyndsey let me know Cool in Your Code, the New York Emmy award winning program on NY25 that I had written about last year for Beyond Race Magazine and who featured an interview with me on their website this past December, was the show I’d be doing the segment for. It turned out, however, that the day would involve more than just the one taping, because as soon as I arrived at the Dunkin Donuts tent at Herald Square I became a hot commodity with multiple people wanting to grab me for various on camera roles. First I was very happy to see last week’s Time Out New York cover girl Julia Allison was in the house (or I guess technically “in the tent”) as I’d spoken with her over email a number of times over the past few years and even been quoted in one of her articles. She was on stage giving love advice and the first thing I ended up doing was going up and chatting with her on camera for a few minutes. From there I was whisked to the other side of the tent to film a quick short about dating and Valentine’s Day for an online feature Dunkin Donuts was putting together. After I gave my thoughts on V-Day for them it was time to get down to business with Cool in Your Code.

Exactly what was filmed has to stay under wraps since the point of it is the surprise of it all, but I can tell you the segment will air in late winter / early spring (I will let everyone know of the exact air date as soon as I know) and it involves dating. The entire production staff seemed impressed with my professionalism (I did TV in college and a reality show a few years back, so I do know a thing or two about the field) which I’m hoping bodes well for me. Maybe one day there will be an on-air opening and they’ll remember me (long shot, but as a Giants fan I have a lot of faith in long shots these days). For those who want to know a little more about what went on I pulled aside Cool in Your Code co-host Shirley Rumierk to let her give some info on both the show and my segment (BTW - we’re all pink because the roof of the tent was pink and I am not exactly a video genius).

Before I left to catch a train home I linked up with Julia Allison again to discuss doing an interview for Adam’s World. She agreed to, so you’ll probably see her dishing out some solid info for everyone sometime in the coming month. For now, enjoy these pictures from the event (click on the thumbs to enlarge).

Since it was pouring I took a roundabout subway ride back to Grand Central figuring I’d rather be underground than underwater. While waiting for the Shuttle I noticed there was one woman standing alone wearing an American flag jacket. Everyone else was in a Red Sea-like state, parted around her. I wondered why until I heard her start screaming “God Bless America” at the top of her lungs. Two guys next to me started cracking up and then she turned around and started yelling at them. I made things worse by saying “look what you did” under my breath to the two guys laughing which caused even more laughing and even more yelling. Just another day on the subway. Gotta love it.

PS – How cool is it that the pictures of me and Julia make it look like we’re hosting a weekday morning talk show? If we did, how many of ya’ll would watch (you know, if you didn’t have jobs to go to and all)?
posted by Adam Bernard @ 7:49 AM  
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