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Artist Of The Week – Omar Wilson
Monday, September 24, 2007

Omar Wilson has a very unique goal for his music, he wants to remind people that there’s a “B” in R&B. By embracing the blues aspect of rhythm and blues Wilson, a three time winner at the Apollo Theater’s Amateur Night, is hoping to set himself apart from his peers in the crowded musical genre. Although this may sound like a difficult task to some Wilson has the right lineage to get it accomplished. Having a father that emceed at nightclubs in the 70’s and was in a band called The Soul Messengers Wilson became enamored with music very early on in life and started singing in church at an age when most kids were just graduating from watching Sesame Street. His talent was seen instantly and he was leading songs by the time he was seven years old. Now nearly 20 years later Wilson is readying the release of his debut album, Product of My Environment, and this week I caught up with the Norwalk, CT, native to talk about his work, his musical influences, and what LL Cool J and Aaron Neville told him that changed his life.

Adam Bernard: With so many R&B artists crooning about love, what makes Omar Wilson different?
Omar Wilson: Well, first off, I'm a soul singer. The thing that gives me my own lane is I sing about life and what all of us go through. I sing about the good, the bad and the ugly of life. My voice is deep, raspy and strong. Most singers nowadays use the high register for their singing style. I sing with pain and conviction and no one out there right now is doing what I do.

Adam Bernard: With you being a bit different from today’s soul acts do you feel you have any influences that some might consider non-traditional for an R&B singer?
Omar Wilson: Yes. I started my career as a rap artist. I was in a group called The Lost Souls and I was a very aggressive MC always ready to battle. My time as an MC is what’s made my writing style, stage presence and overall vibe different from every other singer. Rap also taught me how to outline an idea of a song.

Adam Bernard: Back when you were rapping you probably had a few more avenues to get your work out, but for R&B signers there seems to be fewer ways to get heard. How are you going about getting your music out there?
Omar Wilson: I perform regularly. I keep myself in front of the masses on a weekly basis. As the old saying goes; out of sight, out of mind. If the people don't see you how will they know you are there? I use MySpace and other sites to network on the web. I email blast everyone to check me out and use traditional methods such as posters, fliers, stickers and t-shirts, as well. I use all types of promotional material to get my name and music out there.

Adam Bernard: You've opened for quite a few legends, including Usher, Outkast, The Neville Brothers and Yolanda Adams. Have you had the opportunity to speak with any of these artists, and if so what kind of information and advice have you gleaned from them?
Omar Wilson: There are two moments so far that have had a really big impact on me. The first was when LL Cool J told me that "hard work and dedication equals success. Expect it." The other was when Aaron Neville told me I had a great voice and to keep singing from my soul.

Adam Bernard: Knowing the impact those artists have made, what kind of impact are you hoping to make both with your work and outside of music?
Omar Wilson: I'm on this planet to inspire, to relate, to help, and to give a voice all those who don't have one. I want to be a legend. I want to live forever, and the only way that can happen is by creating music that stands the test of time. I'm also a warrior for the light, though, so in the end, I really just want to make God proud.

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