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A Super Deluxe Trip To The City
Friday, January 19, 2007

This past Wednesday was a busy one. It started with two interviews and ended with an event in the city for the new comedy website Super Deluxe (of course with my customary mid-day workout sandwiched in-between). My interviews, which included one for Foam which was due the second I did it, went well, but it was the event in the city, and the train rides in and back, that ended up really shaping the day. It’s really funny how the smallest of things can give a person the biggest of realizations. Here’s what happened.

It was cold, really cold, waiting for the train. When I jumped on I paid no attention who I was sitting near, I just grabbed the first available seat. Behind me I saw an advertising poster for Dirt. It read “Fame has its price. She’s here to collect.” I made a mental note to try to find a car that had one on the way home so I could jack it for my office. After outlining my story for Foam and reading a bit of my latest book I looked around at the people near me. There were a few kids going into the city, but for the most part there were a lot of reverse commuters heading back to the New York they call home. Dressed fairly plainly, resembling each other as much as possible, reverse commuters checked their Blackberrys, typed on their laptops and generally stayed in work mode.

With around twenty minutes left in the ride I noticed a young woman, probably younger than I am, put away her work stuff and take out a copy of US Weekly to read. At first I noticed the poetic quality of someone reading US only a few rows in front of an advertisement for Dirt. My mind quickly jetted to something else, though, my role in this person’s life. This young woman works a nine to five that she may love, but no matter what happens during her day she wants to get away afterwards. She wants to put away her work and flip through an entertainment mag, getting as much of an inside look into celebrities’ lives as possible. This is when I realized my job can be considered important. I may not be finding the cure for cancer, but I’m making sure the person who is stays sane enough in his or her spare time to actually function at work. I took this with me as I walked off the train and to my event.

At the event, which was hosted by Cornerstone Promotions and my girl Dani (whaddup!), who did a kick ass job (I don’t know anyone else who could get that many writers, myself included, to sit on the floor), a number sketches from SuperDelux.com were aired. I bumped into my boy Deshair from Xpoz magazine (lookin forward to seeing my feature in the next issue, bro!) and two more of my contacts from Cornerstone, Linda and Roberto, during the evening. Just like with the Justin Timberlake and Juggaknots parties late last year, both Linda and Roberto made special note of the emails I send out, which reiterates to me that I’m doing a good job of not just getting contacts, but building with them and creating real relationships with them. It’s always nice when people give me that “oh you’re Adam!” look after an introduction at an event like this.

The event was also great for schwag. Yes the almighty schwag! Wednesday night I took home a Super Deluxe hoodie (that fits perfectly! Thanks Dani!), a Boost Mobile Rock Corps bag and the obligatory CD or two. As I walked on to my train heading home I noticed something else… my car had a Dirt advertising poster in it. Unfortunately my car was also filled with people. I sat there quietly hoping the train would empty out by my stop. At the stop before mine I got up and walked over to the poster to see how easy it would be to take down. It was already loose. I balanced it on the bottom of its frame so all I’d have to do was tap the bottom of the poster to get it to slide out. There were a ton of people getting off at my stop, so I waited to make any major move until the doors opened. As the doors opened I grabbed the poster. At this point I didn’t care who saw me. Well, except the conductor, who I side stepped by heading downstairs instead of right past him. I got home at around a quarter to one and felt great after a triumphant night of spending some quality time with a few of my contacts, making some new ones, grabbing some fresh schwag, grabbing a new poster and making a big realization regarding what I do. It was a very good night.
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