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That Lost Hour
Monday, April 03, 2006
I’m never a fan of just losing an hour. Don’t get me wrong, I love that it stays light out longer, it just perturbs me that we lose an hour out of the blue. I can usually handle the loss of sleep, it’s only an hour and I lose more than that every time I go into the city for an event, I lost much more than an hour this time around, however, because the “spring forward” effect on our clocks coincided with my second of two fantasy baseball drafts, this one being an all-night auction affair.

Fantasy drafts are, at the same time, the most enjoyable and least enjoyable things on earth. They’re extremely fun until some schmuck tries wants to argue a rule, or argue a player bid, and holds the entire thing up. We only had a few instances of these things happening this year but as is I still didn’t get to sleep until what ended up, after all the clock changing madness, well after 3AM.

So was it worth it? Heck yes! I have a dominant outfield and some pretty good pitching. My infield needs work, but since I was joining a keeper league where most every good infielder was taken I pretty much knew that was going to happen. I give both my fantasy teams a legitimate chance to win their leagues, and I proud that I can say the same for my real life team, the Mets, as well. My baseball season starts today (sorry Chi Sox and Tribe fans, that rain filled Sunday night AL affair didn’t cut it for me) and damn it feels good!

Staying with baseball, has anyone else noticed how wide the margin has become between the big market teams and small market teams? As everyone knows the Yankees feel it’s their duty to have triple the average team salary, they’re currently at $190 million, but the new low, the Marlins, are at a paltry $19 million. There’s something very wrong with a league when one team has multiple individual players that make more than another team’s entire 24 man roster. I’m not saying parity would be a great thing, it seems to create a crapshoot of the NFL playoffs every year with very few teams being able to hold on to an effective nucleus of players, but something needs to be done. The Mets did a fantastic job of adding a ton of talent without raising the team salary, which is still on the high end at $109 million, but in all honesty there needs to be a cap at $100 million and a league minimum spent of $50 million, that way at least every team can be competitive. Is it really fair to say the Devil Rays are the big market team in Florida because their payroll is at $35 mil versus their Miami counterparts at $19 mil? Of course, that being said, with the young talent the Marlins have they will win the World Series sometime in the next five years, that’s a guarantee from me, while the D-Rays will be lucky to make it past third place in their own division in that time.

There’s more to my life than just the start of the baseball season, however. No matter how much I’d like to just sit in the stands all summer long, soak up the sun and watch 6-4-3 double plays and dominant pitching performances there is still work to do. This week I’m heading into the city twice, once for an industry birthday party and once for a DVD screening. Both events should be fun and I’m especially looking forward to the party because it’s a dress up event so I’ll get to go all pimped out looking my best. I will have reviews of both events for ya’ll during the week and hopefully I’ll even be able to snap a few pics.

Speaking of pics, scroll down and check the latest addition to my picture gallery on the right hand sidebar. Big ups to The Mystery Man for taking that picture of me and PT Hallow looking gully over at WVOF. Friday’s radio show was a good one as we deemed it Free Lewis Friday in honor of Fairfield’s political prisoner, Lewis The Cat. During the show he was compared to Mumia Abu-Jamal, Che Guevara and Tookie Williams and not a single caller had a complaint about those comparisons, which actually surprised the heck out of me.

Alright, time for me to get some actual work done, then off to the gym to show off my “Jesus Hates The Yankees” t-shirt. It received quite the reaction at the fantasy draft on Saturday. Yankee fans were less than enthused by it while everyone else really dug it. 162 games to go, LET’S GO METS!
posted by Adam Bernard @ 9:38 AM  
  • At 1:20 PM, Blogger The Humanity Critic said…

    Hey Adam. Good luck with your fantasy picks bro. I was wondering, based on the fact that I am a late bloomer to baseball, I was wondering what you think Barry Bonds' fate will be? Just wanted to know what you felt about that. Peace man.

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