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Si*Se @ SOB’s
Friday, January 27, 2006
Last night a friend and I went to go see a Latin group by the name of Si*Se at SOB’s in NYC. SOB’s is a spot I’m not unfamiliar with as I’ve seen shows by Vivian Green and a Big L tribute there. Tonight’s show would be started off by DJ Center on the ones and twos playing numerous old school dance and Latin records. Center is a funky white dude with an afro and he kept the mood light and enjoyable.

Unlike all the Hip-Hop shows I go to, this show started on time (OK, ten minutes late, but that’s on time compared to the hours I’ve often waited for Hip-Hop shows to start). Unfortunately Tarrah Reynolds, Si*Se’s violinist, didn’t impress when she hit the stage as a solo guitarist. Reynolds sounded no different than any other acoustic guitarist who may have been performing at any coffee shop in America. Her set was short, but both my friend and I commented how it was slow and a mood killer. It’s never good to go from good vibes to slow ones.

Si*Se would hit the stage a little after 10PM, however, and change all that as Carol C and crew provided a funky backdrop for the rest of the night. Carol C did a fantastic job of connecting with the crowd and using the entire stage. She would take time to go to each corner and look out into the crowd and when she did the vast majority of the people felt she was looking right at them. Of course, the vast majority of the crowd were also rabid fans who know all the music which reminded me of when I saw Jamiroquai when “Virtual Insanity” was hot. My friends and I knew that song, and the album it was on, but had no idea they had such a vast history. We had an entire crowd around us who could spout off lyrics from albums that came out years before we had heard of the group. Groups with fans like that rarely die.

All in all Si*Se came off like an experienced jam band with a great female lead singer. I was especially impressed with the solo by percussionist Neil Ochoa who rocked the house with his moment in the lime light. If I had one gripe about the show it would be that quite a few of the songs sounded the same. Now this may be a language barrier thing, as some of the songs were in Spanish so while the beats may have been similar the lyrics could have been completely different for all I know. Overall, however, seeing Si*Se was a great time and is highly recommended, especially for those who want to take a night to dance.

Sightings: No major stars were in the house on this night but there were a good number of beautiful women in attendance and who needs famous people when you have a club filled with beautiful women? Personally I was speaking with one for a good portion of the night. Unfortunately, she wasn’t from around here, and by “here” I mean America. Yup, your boy Adam spent the night hitting on a girl who ended up being from Guadalajara, only in NYC on some sort of a work study program (not entirely sure what since the club was loud) through January. Yes, through January, not giving me anytime whatsoever to do anything. I should have realized right off the bat she wasn’t from around here, her accent was pretty thick, but she was damned gorgeous, though.

Liks: No comped drinks despite the presence of a liquor sponsor (c’mon, whassup Chivas!?) and since it’s NYC everything was pricey. My lone screwdriver (Vodka and OJ) was a hefty ten bones before any tipping.

Verdict: Seeing Si*Se is a good time, and DJ Center can rock the house, but they should really find someone more appropriate than Reynolds to go in-between the two.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 10:00 AM  
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