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Can The Source Be Saved?
Saturday, January 21, 2006
Once again before I get to the crux of my post I’d like to start with some fantastic news. I just received word that I’m going to have back to back covers of Soak with the possibility of having back to back to back covers if all goes well! Needless to say I’m extremely stoked about this. I’m also slated to have upwards of four stories in each of the next two issues which is another huge accomplishment. The old adage states that hard work pays off and I finally feel like I’m on my way there.

One publication that I don’t write for that I’ve spoken about at length here at Adam’s World is The Source. When I was growing up The Source was THE authority on Hip-Hop culture, but over the past decade or so, under the mismanagement of Dave Mays and Benzino, it has turned into little more than an expensive way to line a bird cage. The company’s board of directors made a bold move last week, however, knocking the terrible twosome off of their perch and naming Jeremy Miller as the new President and CEO of the magazine. From everything I’ve heard about Miller he is a fine choice, but is it too late? Is this like naming a new captain to the Titanic after it’s already hit the iceberg? The publication is millions in debt and is facing major lawsuits that don’t seem very winnable for the mag. In addition to those problems numerous advertisers have pulled their ads from the magazine over the years including Interscope which has proven it can not only live, but thrive, without The Source. Miller has stated his first major move will be to cut staff to save money and while that’s great for the magazine there’s no bigger flag to a freelance writer than hearing a publication can’t even handle paying who they have (though I guess this should be obvious since the company is in debt). This usually means freelancers get nothing, which something Julia Beverly of Ozone mag knows all about as she’s been owed money from The Source for well over a year now. Speaking of Beverly, her parting shot at Benzino was beautiful.

Overall I hope The Source does regain some of its old luster because it would be nice to see it back to be being a respectable publication. The fact the Mays and Zino didn’t fight to stay on, however, could be a clear indicator that they know where this ship is going and they don’t plan on being on it when it sinks. Make no mistake, though, if The Source goes down it will have been as a result of all the damage Mays and Zino did over the years. The new captain can’t be blamed if the leaking ship he takes over finally sinks.

Speaking of sinking, the other day I read Heather Graham’s television experience managed to last just as long as mine, one episode. Of course for her it was a little more dramatic having her show cancelled after its initial airing. I knew all along I was only going to be on Date Patrol for the one episode. Side note, her show also lasted just as long as Joey Tribbiani’s fictional Mac and CHEESE on Friends. Ouch! But hey, at least Heather Graham and I now have something in common. What an icebreaker!

Scatter shooting around my personal sports world, Hofstra’s own Marques Colston kicked major ass at the East West Shrine Game today with numerous acrobatic grabs, including one for a touchdown. Here’s hoping someone with the Giants was watching because Colston would be the perfect replacement for Toomer when Toomer inevitably retires after next season…… The Mets finally shipped Kris Benson off to the Orioles for what else but more relief pitching. This makes room for Aaron Heilman to be in the starting rotation. Heilman was great coming out of the pen last year, but he also had a one hitter, so he deserves to start. With the deal the Mets also got rid of the occasionally mouthy but easy to look at Anna Benson. Seriously, what was up with her saying WE wouldn’t have signed with the Mets if there had been any inclination that Benson would be traded? Was your name on the contract Anna? Were you starting games? Jeez, can it lady, enjoy Baltimore.

Finally, if anyone knows of a place where I can download an mpeg of Yuliya Matus’ American Idol audition please let me know. Matus was the Ukrainian girl who didn’t sing very well but danced like she thought Simon, Paula and Randy had ones waiting for her at the judges’ table. If I had been a judge I would have asked her to “sing” again so I could make a better educated decision on her talents.
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