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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Last night as I was walking to karate class I turned to a friend of mine and said "where’s this vacation I’ve been hearing so much about?" He agreed saying he hadn’t seen one yet either.

OK, so Christmas was Sunday, which was nice except for that fact that neither of the football games started until the late afternoon and I seriously have no idea what to do with myself on a Sunday if there isn’t football or baseball on and since it’s December there wasn’t going to be much in the way of baseball. The day, however, was a good one. I managed to watch Swingers twice in 24 hours, so I’ve been saying "money" and "baby" far more often than any human being should (God I love that movie!).

I’ve already started on one of my Christmas gifts, Henry Rollins’ Roomanitarian. Unlike his previous two books this one is fictional and has been drawing comparisons to my personal favorite Rollins book, Solipsist. Speaking of books, I hope everyone’s noticed the fresh text area I created for my book list. The book list was getting too long to leave it the way it was so I got all determined one night and created the text area. I rock!

I also rock because I had two artist interviews today, SubCon and El Da Sensei, and they were the first (and subsequently second) interviews I got to try out my home phone recording device with. I got this dope little joint that hooks my phone into my stereo and treats my phone as a mic so I can record entire conversations. Now I can double my pleasure for the really good interviews and not only write them up for print outlets, but also play them on my radio show. Just another little thing I’m trying to do to set myself apart from everyone else.

Oh yeah, and keeping with the work theme, I work out of my home and most people know this. The home office is a very interesting place. It’s highly respected by others who have one and hardly respected by those who don’t. I recently came across this article in the Wall Street Journal about working from home and everything in it hit, well, home for me. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve had people say some really ignorant things to me like "you don’t have a real job, you work from home," or "you can stay out late, you don’t really work." Yeah, let’s see any of those people take 7:30AM till Lord only knows when at night hours and see how long they survive.

And finally, to end things on a more positive note, I got a haircut yesterday. Normally I wouldn’t mention such a routine thing, but this haircut was a bit different because I ended up bumping into a girl I used to know when I was younger. She actually used to take karate where I taught and to quote one of my favorite artists of all-time, Musiq, "and since then she got a whole lot finer." It still blows my mind when I someone grow up. It shouldn’t, because I’ve grown up, but it’s just amazing to see it happen. OK, I’m corny and I think about these kinds of things, but you already know this if you read me with any regularity. We will never know everything about life, and that’s what makes it so infinitely interesting to me.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 3:09 PM  
  • At 4:51 AM, Blogger Ketchums said…

    All of my work is done at home as well (save for my schooling, and a new job that I might be getting next semester), and people don't realize this: while working at home is great, home is also where you're laziest...I can't think of how many articles I've backlogged only because I could jump in bed or have a woman over while the document sat open on my screen.

    And Musiq IS that deal.

    Check my new blog - you're a journalist, so I'd like your opinion on it.

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