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Being Thankful
Friday, November 25, 2005
With a million bloggers in the world I’m guessing the vast majority of them have written posts about giving thanks being that it was just Thanksgiving and all. I thought about doing a grand Giving Thanks post, but instead I’m taking it another route. Rather than talking about the general things people always seem to talk about when discussing Thanksgiving I’m going to write about some of the things I’m giving thanks for that have happened to me in the past week.

OK, I have to start by giving thanks for yesterday’s amazing Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey Day is the one day of the year when I’m a bit gluttonous, but who can blame me with all the turkey, yams, stuffing, cranberry sauce, veggies, pumpkin pie..... my mouth is watering all over again! I’m also thankful that I got to share such a feast with my family and good friends. A good meal is always made better by sharing it with good company.

On Tuesday I had a lot to give thanks for. My interview with Tha Alkaholiks went amazingly well. J-Ro, Tash and E-Swift were all really cool to me and we ended up chillin and talking for around 45 minutes. I’ve written up the interview and it’s so long I actually have to edit it down by a couple hundred words.

While waiting in Grand Central to catch my train home from the interview in I found another reason to be thankful. I was loitering at a Hudson News when I saw two issues of Soak on their newsstand! I was totally stoked and started calling everyone. When I started writing for the magazine it was only sold in Chicago and now it’s in NYC! I’m thankful both for that and the fact that I’m still humble enough that I was completely geeked as soon as I saw it on the rack. I felt like a little kid. My heart jumped, I smiled all wide and pulled out the cell phone to spread the good news.

This week I’m also thankful that I’m scheduled to get some solo air time on WVOF tonight. Yup yup, from 7pm - 9pm EST The Adam B Experience will be debuting on WVOF. I’m treating this as more of a preview show, something to give people an idea of what my program will be all about.

Of course I’m always thankful for my family, friends, the dojo, my gym, GNC and all the usual suspects, but I wanted to take a minute to shout out some of the little things in life I felt were worth giving thanks for because it’s those little things that keep us going.

P.S. - RIP Mr. Miyagi
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