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Virginia Is For Cousins
Saturday, October 29, 2005
(No, not like that you disgusting pervert.) Yesterday I arrived home after a three day jaunt down to Virginia for my grandmother’s funeral. The ceremony was nice, limited to family and a few close friends, nothing too big (Gramma was never a flashy woman, then again I don’t see how anyone who lived through the depression could find it in themselves to be flashy). Seeing my cousins for the first time in over a decade was a trip. I’ve spoken with some via email and over the phone, but we hadn’t seen each other since our pre-teen years and we’ve done a lot of growing up since then.

I ended up spending the night of the funeral hanging out with two of my cousins, one of whom is year older than me, the other, who I jokingly call my baby cousin, is 21. My younger cousin is now at Virginia Tech and since the VT - BC game was on TV, and she knows A LOT about VA Tech football, we hung out with some of her friends and watched the game. It was a good time, though I have to say it was slightly odd to be drinking with people I most remembered as being 11 years old. (Side note: am I really going to have to start rooting for Virginia Tech?)

Before we went to hang out my older cousin and I went to dinner and to grab some, ahem, beverages for the people we were going to be hanging out with. We figured, these people who had no idea who we were were nice enough to invite us into their home, we should at least hook ‘em up with some liks. After we paid for the beer my cousin noted that he thought it was my goal to flirt with every woman on earth. Apparently I had flirted with the hostess at dinner, as well as the waitress, and then flirted with the check-out girl at the grocery store. To be honest, I didn’t even notice it. Light, innocent flirting comes natural to me. Most of the time I just consider it being nice. Nothing rarely ever comes of it, it’s just me being me.

While seeing the fam was awesome the airport situation was the complete opposite (not awesome, or unawesome. Severly lacking in awesomeness). I’ve only flown a few times since 9/11 but I have to say that this was the worst experience yet. The security people at the airports, who, by the way, could ALL stand to lose 35 pounds, treat everyone as sub-human if they aren’t wearing the same uniform as them. From the way they speak to passengers to the way they gesture at people, it’s all in a very sub-human "we’re so much better than you" sort of way. Thankfully my gym was still open when I got home so I could work out my aggressions in a positive way.

Before the gym, however, I got to do one of my favorite things as I was walking to the car at LGA. While crossing the street I had the opportunity to give the classic NYC "I’m walking across the street now whether you like it or not" stiff arm / hand gesture to a car and I did not pass that opportunity up. The driver was PISSED, but as my parents will proudly point out, I’ve been using that hand gesture since I was five, yes, FIVE! God I love New York.
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