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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Nothing caps off a Monday like a big Giants win and that’s just what happened as we pounded on the Saints to up our record to 2-0. Not only was the win impressive, but Michael Strahan has become, if this is even possible, even better than he was before now that he’s dropped some weight and is down to a much more reasonable 255. He’s more mobile now and seems to be an even bigger force. Here’s hoping more Defensive Ends choose to drop some weight. If they all speed up it will force the obese offensive lineman to finally lose some weight, as well, which, in turn, could prevent more incidents like the Thomas Herrion one from happening.

Having the Giants game start at 7:30PM on Monday was perfect, it ended right at 11PM, which meant I switched right over to Spike for The Ultimate Fighter. TUF’s cast of fighters either aren’t as interesting this year (can ANYONE be as interesting as Chris Leban was?), or are being edited to be less interesting. This week’s fight saw Rashad handle his biz in the octagon, even showboating a bit the way Roy Jones used to. Rashad will get chastised for this next week, but personally I’m glad he hot dogged it a bit. It gave him some much needed personality, and when all the other contestants are coming off as wooden anything that can separate you from the pack is good. And is it just me or did Matt Hughes draft a whole bunch of fighters he doesn’t care for? Dude complained about his first heavyweight, who had a significant shoulder injury, and bitched about his latest to lose, both times saying he wasn’t sad to see them go. Well then why did you select them? I was also a little upset that he said Joe Stevenson is his number one middleweight right in front of Luke, who is my dark horse pick to upset some folks in the octagon. It just seems like Hughes has a few guys he loves and doesn’t give a rat’s behind about the rest of his team. I hope that’s not true, and it’s just editing making it look that way (speaking as someone who’s been edited for TV I know that things can end up looking way different than they actually were), but if it isn’t he’s being a terrible coach.

Hofstra football helped make my weekend a good one with their 55-0 drubbing of Stony Brook. As one of my friends pointed out we now have back to back wins against SUNY schools. Watch your mouth Hunter College, or you could be next! OK, so this week will be our first true test as we’re facing ninth ranked Furman, but we’re ranked 17th in the nation, so we’re obviously no slouches ourselves. It should be a great game, I just wish it was on TV.

Speaking of winning, we should all give some props to the greatest of all time, Ric Flair, for taking home the Intercontinental Title at this past Sunday’s PPV. The man is older than my father but he’s still getting in that ring and competing night in and night out. I hope I’m in that kind of shape when I’m his age. Maybe I should start referring to my genitals as Space Mountain. Whoo!

Last, but certainly not least, I want to share something I saw while reading my friend Hot Karl’s blog. Apparently Family Guy did a nice salute to Shepard Fairey. Many of you may not know who Shepard Fairey is by name, but if you’re into Hip-Hop you’ve probably seen his work. He’s the dude behind Obey, and he was also featured on the latest Scratch DVD. The guy is a fantastic artist and deserves a ton of props, so I’m definitely showin some love to Seth MacFarlane and the Family Guy crew for recognizing a really dope Hip-Hop artist.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 12:43 PM  
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