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Thoughts On Katrina
Wednesday, August 31, 2005
When I take a look at the graphic images of the destruction hurricane Katrina has caused in New Orleans I have to say I’m impressed. Nature has a unique way of being both the ultimate in beauty and the ultimate in destruction. One day it can leave you in breathless awe, feeling as though nothing could be as perfect and beautiful, while the next it could leave you in tears wondering what happened to your house, or even life (bitter men of the world can feel free to make any connection between nature and women that they may like). The footage of New Orleans shows Katrina is one nasty bitch.

I have to wonder if Katrina would be as angry a hurricane if we hadn’t given her a stripper name. I’m sorry, but Katrina is a name that comes with clear heels and a coke habit. Does anyone think a Kathy would have done as much damage? When I hear the name Katrina it’s usually in terms of "Porsche, Katrina and Cinnamon you’re next to the stage." It’s no wonder this is one pissed of hurricane. After years of stripping in an attempt to find the love her parents never gave her she’s finally broken loose and gone crazy. Did I mention the bitch can blow?

On a much more serious note it will be interesting to see how the rest of the world reacts to our situation. Every time there’s a disaster in another country America is expected to help out, and we always do. Despite still rebuilding from 9/11 we pledged a healthy amount to the tsunami victims, but now it’s time for some other countries to step up to the plate and help us rebuild Louisiana. New Orleans has played a huge part in American history, we need to bring it back and once it’s rebuilt have the Mardi Gras to end all Mardi Gras’.

I will say this for the hurricane, Katrina was about the only thing that had a chance to clean all the vomit and urine off of Bourbon Street, but I’m still betting on some stains being left when all the water clears. And what’s with the newscasters saying there’s looting going on? It’s a flood not a riot. What kind of looting can you do in a flood? The entire city is underwater, what could you possibly be taking? Dinghies?

Today on CNN Headline News they said that the families who were being sheltered in the Superdome will be bussed to Houston to take refuge in the Astrodome, which is a shame because the Saints could have used the extra fans. I guess a flood of the entire city was the only way to pack that place. The person I feel most sorry for isn’t a Saint, but rather a Hornet. My former college classmate Speedy Claxton was traded to the New Orleans Hornets mid season last year. Not only did they draft another Point Guard with their first round selection, but now his whole city gets wiped out. Here’s hoping he didn’t buy property right after the trade.

In the end all we can do is have the people of New Orleans in our thoughts and prayers and hope that the joy and life that once filled the city can also help rebuild it back to the buzzing hot spot that it once was.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 11:26 AM  
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